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Mac or PC?

Though the Macintosh (Mac, or Apple) computer has been at the forefront of elegance and design for many years, it is no longer the dominant brand of computer on the marketplace.

The personal computer (PC) is a loose term used to describe Microsoft Windows-based systems that are built with an almost infinite number of specifications.

While choosing between the two is not often a dilemma many people face, you may be curious as to the basic differences between them.

Let’s just cut right to the chase and say that for the average computer user, there is no reason to get a Mac.  A PC system is cheaper and the majority of all software is programmed for Windows systems.  These are the two overwhelming advantages of PCs.

For the hardcore users, both systems serve as examples of two different ideologies.  A PC is a totally customizable device.  A skilled and experienced user can pick and choose the proper components to suit his or her needs.  All components have multiple brands, many manufacturers, and varying degrees of quality and price.  For practical purposes, you can build a solid system for under $1000.  The Mac, on the other hand, is an ’as-is’ device.  You purchase the system and it’s pretty much unchangeable after that.  Though there is some choice as to the specification of the components, you are essentially buying everything from one company: Apple Computer.

So what is a hardcore Mac user like?  Usually they are the niche computer for those in the media industry.  Many important publication, film editing, photo editing, and audio recording software suites are developed first for the Mac.  Of course, these suites are now released on PC as well, diminishing the monopoly on these products.  Mac also features a unique operating system that is claimed to be simpler and more streamlined.  Of course, we’ve all heard enough about how crappy MS Windows is, but this is more about misinformation than anything.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the Windows operating system despite its security shortfalls and the prospect of giving money to the world’s most loved and hated software developer, Microsoft.  In the end, a well-maintained Windows system is just as effective as a Mac system, if not better.

If I had to choose, I’d pick a PC time and time again.  I enjoy the flexibility of choice when it comes to my specifications and manufacturer.  I also like to use the latest software and don’t want to wait while it’s ported to Mac.  Just to let you know, the following sections about hardware components are related to PC systems only!  You can’t even embark on such a discussion about Mac parts.