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Raw Food Diet

As you search for the perfect diet for you, you may have noticed how many diets sometime sound the same.  However, if you are looking for a radical change in the way that you look at foods, you may be interested in the Raw Food Diet.

The raw food diet has thousands of supporters who subscribe to the unique view of eating habits found in this diet.  The underlying theory behind the raw food diet is that raw food contain a higher source of nutrients and that cooking food reduces the nutrient values found within the food.  In fact, there are some raw food advocates who strongly view the process of cooking as being toxic by adding chemicals to the food particles.  However, this view is not necessarily shared by all supporters of the Raw Food Diet.

Under the raw food diet, you should primarily eat food that has not been cooked above a certain temperature.  While there are a number of variations of the raw food diet, generally all raw food diets limit the maximum temperature of raw foods to being between 92 degrees Fahrenheit and 118 degrees Fahrenheit (or 33 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius.  Although the raw food diet strictly prohibits heating up foods to a certain temperature, freezing food items is accepted.

Primarily, the raw food diet is made up of such items as: raw eggs, raw fruits, raw honey, raw meat, raw nuts, raw seeds, raw vegetables, and unpasteurized raw dairy products.  If you do go on the raw food diet, it is important to exercise caution on eating these food items raw, as many medical experts feel that cooking these foods actually eliminates their danger: buckwheat greens, kidney beans, potatoes, and rhubarb.

Although proponents of the raw food diet strongly feel that this diet will help your immune system work against the development of illnesses, they also agree that the raw food diet is not for everybody.  This is because everybody has a unique metabolism and the raw food diet may not work for you.

While there are many medical practitioners who agree that people should incorporate more raw vegetables and raw fruit into their diet, they are also skeptical of the raw food diet.  This is because many nutritionists and medical experts feel that the raw food diet is rigid.  The biggest concern with the raw food diet is that it does not provide a personís body with enough nutrients, such as vitamin b12 and protein.

However, there are more and more people subscribing to the raw food diet.  Also, there is a great deal of flexibility found in the different variations of the raw food diet.  Even if you do not completely go on the raw food diet, this diet is helpful as it strongly advocates the consumption of healthy raw vegetables and raw fruit!