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There’s something that everybody can enjoy about the holidays.  An extra to celebrate an occasion, the holidays also provide an opportunity to take some time off and perhaps go on a holiday traveling to an exotic destination.  Many people take the opportunity afforded by such long holidays as Christmas to go on vacation where they have accommodations set skiing through a pretty locale.

The holidays are great and means different things for different people.  When you’re younger, the holidays offer an opportunity to run wild and free, as long as your adventures fit within the spirit of the holiday.  Halloween is a time to go visit random strangers and demand candy.  Christmas is a time to let your parents or if you’re lucky, Santa Claus (the fat, bearded man that apparently has a wife that nobody has ever seen) gives you a gift for just being you.  Thanksgiving is a time where you get to indulge in food hopefully guilt-free.

However, when you hit your twenties (or even earlier than that) the holidays mean something a little bit more.  Although, at this age you still generally appreciate the holidays, you do so for different reasons than when you were a kid.  That’s because holidays in your twenties is now a time to indulge in some merry drinking.  Who hasn’t indulged in some drinking games as a way to celebrate Groundhog Day?  After all, that little groundhog that foreshadows the continuation or end of winter deserves some merry cheer.  There’s of course, Easter, a time to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus by repeating the steps of resurrecting from a hangover over this blessed of all holidays.  The mother of all holidays though at this age is blessed New Year’s Eve, which is just a really, really, really good holiday.

Once you get a little bit older, holidays take a different connotation.  There’s of course opportunities to drink a little drink during the holidays, but the holidays recapture a spirit similar to your childhood.  That’s because once you’ve become a parent, it’s one of your obligations that your child get to enjoy holidays as wistfully as you did.  This stage of holiday celebrating also helps you realize how much struggle your parents had to endure so that you would have a cheerful holiday.

Well, here at Ringsurf, we understand how important holidays are on a person’s life.  Not only do we have articles discussing the many important holidays that pop up in the calendar year, we’re also working hard to uncover holidays celebrated in other country’s that can be imported here.  For example, in Taiwan, ghost month is celebrated in the seventh lunar month.  During this time, it is believed that spirits of the underworld are returning to the earth.  If this doesn’t sound like a fun holiday that can’t be imported to these shores, then I don’t know what is.  Of course, we detail attempts to create holidays like the good people at Adbusters magazine, who is determined to launch a holiday called Buy Nothing Day.  If you support the idea of a Buy Nothing Day holiday, then you can show your support by buying a Buy Nothing Day T-shirt from Adbusters.  They’d really appreciate it!

If you want to give a gift, then a great gift idea for the holidays are personalized gifts that can be made for any occasion.