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Liquid Diet

Although we know it’s extremely important, most people often neglect to take care of their health.  It’s so hard to use the time that we have to focus on making our bodies healthy and for the most part, it’s something that we want to get to but never have the time for.  After all, our health is usually so sturdy, but this is where people make such a big mistake.  The time that they finally address their body’s health condition is at a time where they have to.

Often times, bad health manifests itself into sickness that requires surgery.  In this case, you may find that you have to embark on a liquid diet.  Although it is predominantly used in medical emergencies, more and more people are turning towards the Liquid Diet to reduce weight in a sport period of time.  If you are ready to make a radical change in the way you look and feel, you may find that the liquid diet is the perfect diet for you.

The Liquid Diet is generally a short term diet plan that can be classified in three different categories.  These liquid diets are the Clear Liquid Diet, the Full Liquid Diet, and the Blended Liquid Diet.  Liquid diets can be used either to reduce your caloric level, which helps reduce a person’s weight quickly, or as a way to replace the meals you eat.

The Clear Liquid Diet is generally designed for individuals who have just undergone surgery.  The dieter has to undergo the clear liquid diet as a way to help their body recover from the surgery.  It is particularly designed to help the digestive system slowly adapt and reduces the risk of such post-surgery discomfort as nausea and vomiting.  Generally, the clear liquid diet menu plan allow individuals to drink liquids like caffeine free clear beverages, clear fruit juice except for citrus juices, gelatin, decaffeinated coffee or tea, and popsicles.  Solid foods and milk products are strictly prohibited in the clear liquid diet.

The second type of liquid diet is known as the Full Liquids Diet.  For individuals that are recovering from surgery, this diet usually follows the clear liquid diet.  In this diet, individuals are able to eat any foods that have been blended and have been processed through a strainer.  Unlike the clear liquid diet, the full liquid diet will provide you with more calories.  A full liquid diet menu consists of all the foods you can eat on the clear liquid diet.  Additionally, you will be able to eat such food products as: fruit juices, ice cream, milk, puddings, strained soups, and vegetable juice.  However, the full liquid diet strictly prohibits eating foods like vegetables, meat, breads, fruit, and cheese.

The final kind of liquid diet is known as the blended liquid diet.  This is the final stage of the liquid diet that doctors prescribe to their patients who are recovering from surgery.  In this stage, a person is able to eat any food that can be blended.  A typical blended liquid diet will consist of foods such as: chicken broth, cream, gravy, and milk, in addition to the food that is acceptable to eat in the Full Liquid Diet.

While the liquid diet has been proven to reduce weight in a fast amount of time, it may not be the healthiest diet for a person who hasn’t undergone surgery to embark on.  Nutritionists are concerned about the lack of fiber and antioxidants in liquid diets.  As a result, individuals on the liquid diet may find themselves more susceptible to illness.  However, the liquid diet has been proven repeatedly to be an effective diet and it may be the perfect diet for you!