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Metroid for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is a game that’s been overlooked by many. I’ve owned a copy of Super Metroid, a later game in the now huge series, ever since I’ve owned an SNES. It was only until recently that I’d played the original game, the one that started it all; the game that set the standard for all adventure games to date. Currently, the series has six games, and is going strong!

The game play is magnificent, stupendous, extraordinary! Well, I ran out of superlatives fast. You control a girl, yes a girl, called Samus Aran, through a space planet called Zebes. You’re trying to kill a few foes that are inhabiting the planet, like Kraid, Ridley, and the infamous Mother Brain! The game would be classified as a side-scrolling shooter, however, it’s much more of an adventure game. You search through different screens, going in all the directions (as opposed to just right like other NES games). You can revisit places you had been previously, and you have to if you want to progress through the game!

You start out with just a gun, and the ability to jump... Really high! You’ll gain many power ups throughout the game, like missiles, bombs, the ability to jump even higher, new suits for Samus Aran to wear, different gun upgrades, etc. The power ups are spread out all through the planet, and many are hidden very well. Many times, to find items or to just advance in the game, you’ll have to bomb through walls that look just like a normal wall. This makes it really hard to find where you’re going, or the much needed missiles.

There are five regions in the game, and each one has different look and feel to them. Norfair is a fiery region, with lava everywhere, and mainly consisting of the color red. Of course you’ll encounter enemies, because there are many throughout this game. Some are harder to kill than others, and they’ll all try to hurt you different ways. Some attack in groups, some can fly, some are faster, and well, you get the point. Different enemies inhabit different regions. For instance, there are fire enemies that live in the lava at Norfair, etc.

The game focuses on exploration, finding your way through an unknown world, and trying to survive. Even though you’re given a gun, and are given the option to shoot it, there’s no way this game would be classified as a shooter. Shooting or bombing certain walls could possibly reveal hidden paths that don’t look any more obvious than other walls. It’s essential to find these hidden nooks and crannies as you advance, simply because many contain the much needed missiles. It’s also imperative that you bomb through certain walls in order to get to your next spot or location you’re trying to find.