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Mega Man

One of the most acclaimed and popular series of video games began long ago, with a classic 2-D Side Scrolling action game known as Mega Man. Capcom hit it off big with this series, and it continues its success today with its "Mega Man X" series for the Next Generation Consoles.

What made Mega Man so appealing? Capcom uses an ingenious formula to make the game as good as it possibly can be (especially at the time of the Nintendo Entertainment System): the game is pretty simple in storyline and quite easy to catch on to, the game play is truly one of a kind, with tons of features to use, the music is catchy, and the bosses and enemies are colorful and memorable.

The story is as simple as any other side scrolling platform/action/adventure game for the NES. In the year 20XX, two scientists, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, worked together to make human-like robots a more convenient and useful addition to human lives. Dr. Wily, however, desired power and world domination. He broke away from his correspondences with Dr. Light in order to create robots of his own that could do his bidding. With these powerful warrior robots, Dr. Wily would wage his war on the world.

This is where Mega Man comes in. In order to combat the threat of Dr. Wily, a young boy named Rock volunteered to become Mega Man, a powerful robot who would fight for the good of mankind.

The goal of the game is to defeat 6 of Dr. Wiley’s robot master creations and then use their powers to destroy Dr. Wiley’s most powerful machines, hidden within the confines of his secret base. As Mega Man, you are charged with the task of defeating Dr. Wily and restoring peace between mankind and robots.

Having the ability to choose who you fight and in which order you fight each boss is definitely a plus. This helps you plan ahead so that you can use a certain enemy’s power against an enemy you have a hard time with, to make it easier on yourself.

The graphics in Mega Man are very good for the time that it was created. There are hundreds of different looking enemies in the entire game to look out for and shoot at, and these enemies all have their own special way of trying to stop Mega Man from completing his task. The design of these robotic enemies is great. They’re colorful, fairly detailed sprites that suit the level’s environment very well. Mega Man’s design is very cool, too. He truly does look like a human wearing a robot suit.