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One game that started a platform legend has to be Castlevania. With several stages of jumping, whipping and all around action, Castlevania is a game that will forever be one of the best action games that was ever released! Konami took an idea of placing a vampire hunter by the name of Simon Belmont (what a name!) in what would become an epic struggle spanning across several different home console systems, various sequels and even a slight cartoon variation.

Taking the role of Simon Belmont, you’re charged with the task of destroying the evil Count Dracula in Castlevania through several stages that take you through a dark and evil world.

Audio wise, Castlevania has some of the best classic adventure music to offer anywhere. The opening theme to the game is something that can not only keep the pace of the game, but also stick the overall tune in your mind that you can’t get it out! Music in an old game is usually very limited to what it can offer, but every area and every stage has plenty to offer and listen to, with all of it flowing together nicely and creating a great listening experience.

In fact, if you really like the music on Castlevania you should check out a band called The Advantage.  They have taken several different Nintendo themes and turned them into live punk/disco anthems.  The music is so triumphant it’ll make you want to start jogging.  Best of all they do wicked treatments of three Castlevania tunes.

The sound effects are pretty much average, with the real effects coming from small explosions of your enemies as you whip them or the overall sound of your whip as you throw it around!

Overall, Castlevania is a game that is legendary in many accounts. The overall adventure of the game and the craze that it has created is something that is nothing short of amazing! Even though the game has had its fair share of good and bad sequels, the original Castlevania has yet to be topped by any other Castlevania other than Symphony of the Night.

Adventure gamers, platform gamers and gamers in general should find a copy of the game and keep it simply because of the value of the game. With the amount of action contained within this little cart, there is little else that can match its style, let alone its addictive quality!