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Mario Kart

Okay, I know this first thing you’re going to say is: ”Hey Mario Kart was never on NES…what’s the deal buster!?”  Well, take that indignation and shove it up your bottom.  I don’t care.

Mario Kart is probably one of the greatest video games ever invented.  There are few people who have ever picked up a control pad who will not tell you that they have spent hours playing that game, and that they have few regrets over this.

What makes Super Mario the incredibly fun experience it is are the items we obtain during the race, making the each race an authentic battlefield, if you are the first one, it is the last lap, and one of your opponents gets a red shell, if he is close to you get on your knees and start praying, or, if you are a more temperamental person like me, if your opponent manages to hit you, just smash the controller against the floor while shouting and crying desperately, this last choice is more expensive in the end, but you will feel a little bit better.

This is were the game really shines. You have your racer going down a road trying to beat out other racers for the number one rank. The driving is very smooth, and is fairly easy to control. The more coins you get, the better steering you have. Also, you have ? blocks on the ground on which you run over, you receive an item. You can use an item such as a shell to blast another player, and pass them on the course.

Very fun to that. You have different cups such as the Mushroom, Flower, and Star, and if you become 1st place, you are the Champion, and get a gold trophy. Get as many as possible to open secret courses!

You will have a blast playing the computer. Most likely the most fun aspect about this game is the multi player option. You and a buddy can race a course by yourself, with the computer, or duke it out in battle mode. It is one of the most fun multi player games ever. You and a friend can pass hours just by playing battle mode, and throwing shells at each other.

I want you to do something here: buy Super Mario Kart on ebay or at gamestop. Now compare it to Mario Kart 64 (if you’ve never played that, then um... you’re a freak). Which is faster, and the most fun? Answer that. If you said Mario Kart 64, then your a freak ;o) . If you say Super Mario Kart is the best, then your correct. Super Mario Kart invented the kart-racing genre. Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, and all the rest, they are all copiers man!!!