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Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Brothers- The game that started all games. If it weren’t for this game, video games might have ceased to exist for quite some time. This was the first game ever with a real concept, a real story line, real graphics, and the first video game ever that was actually fun. When Nintendo was released in the early 1980’s it was the first and only video game entertainment system.

Nintendo needed to spruce things up so they could get a bigger, more interested audience in to this new crazy idea. The people at Nintendo Invented the Super Mario Brothers Game, this game I am reviewing. In it they put all that was ever fun in mission games, only this was digital, this was video; THIS, ladies and gentleman, was technology. You are able to in this game on a journey, unlike any game made before it. You normally go as Mario, a plumber, though the pipes and fight of creatures.

This game started the saga known as the classic Nintendo cast, which brought upon games such as Super Mario two and three, super Mario 64, super smash brothers, and super Mario sunshine to be made. If you look at any game now, any game cube, play station, or X box role playing game, you can see how it all related back to the first role playing game ever created. Super Mario Brothers. The most classic game of all time.

The plot for Super Mario Bros. is charmingly simple, and manages to almost mirror that of Mario’s very first appearance in Donkey Kong - Bowser, the King of the turtle-like Koopa race, has kidnapped Toadstool, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and he and his forces have overrun the peaceful surroundings, capturing the kingdom’s eight castles. Somehow, Mario - a Brooklyn plumber by trade - winds up in the Mushroom Kingdom, and sets off to rescue Princess Toadstool, and save the Kingdom one castle at a time.

That was all there was to it, and in a way it was all the better for it - the closest thing that this game gets to a plot twist is the revelation that the Princess is being held in another castle when you conquer each of the first seven castles. But even this simple moment (that is exactly the same every world you beat) has become infamous. And that is the beauty of this game in a nutshell - it’s ever so simplistic by today’s standards, but every single stage, every boss fight, every moment stands up to the test of time, and remains utterly, helplessly memorable.

Super Mario Bros. really did change the gaming world back when it was first released, and it’s easy to see why. Almost every little detail has stood the test of time, and when prompted as to their favorite 2D platform game, most gamers will instantly name one of this games’ sequels - a legacy was born with this title, and gamers everywhere fell in love with it in much the same way as a huge ape once fell in love with a young girl. In 1985 Super Mario Bros. brought the future of gaming into our homes. And we love it for this still.