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At the time it came out, the Legend of Zelda was probably one of, if not the most, advanced video game ever made. Nothing on Nintendo, the leading console, could touch it. For years it was in Nintendo Power’s top 30 NES games, and deservedly so. No other NES game could draw me in like Zelda could, and clearly I was not the only one so affected.

One of the TRULY greatest things about this game is that granted its a highly praised nostalgic game, but is it very good on its self? Sure some things on it may seem a bit outdated but is it a truly good game even by itself? Actually yes, and thats one of the truly best things about this game. This along with Super Mario Bros. and a few certain others is NES game-making at its finest. This is a genuinely well made game with great game play and Koji Kondo did a good amount of his absolutely finest works here.

Is there ANY flaw to this game? Well not really well the ’’Save Feature’’ can get a bit troublesome some times on how it can sometimes erase your progress but fortunately its USUALLY only on files that the work on them weren’t all that far in the first place.

So in a kingdom called Hyrule, peace reigned thanks to the magic of the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power, controlled by the benevolent Princess Zelda. But not everybody like the peace, and the strongest and most evil of those people was Ganon, a mysterious wizard who stole the Triforce of Power.

To keep Ganon from getting Wisdom as well, Zelda split it into eight parts and sent her nursemaid Impa to find a hero to reassemble it and defeat Ganon. She found a young man named Link and he embarked on the quest to drive Ganon from Hyrule. And save Zelda, but that’s the point of so many games it pains me to include such an old plot device. Even if it wasn’t so old when this came out.

The Legend of Zelda has to be my all time favorite NES game. The dungeons, the combat, the items, the entire experience - you must feel it all! All you newcomers to the series should most definitely play through the game that started it all. Hell, I started with Zelda: A Link to the Past and I still found this to be an extraordinary title. So try it out -it’ll be quite rewarding.