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Classic Nintendo

Oh, how what is old is new again in the world.  No matter how old you are you surely have some concept of Nintendo?  In many circles Nintendo is actually a bi-word for videogames…or at least it used to be?  Much like Kleenex is synonymous with tissue paper and coke is with soda.

Well, things have changed and as new young people with creativity and a hunger for adventure rush out and buy each new system when it hits the market, and each new bloody game when it is released.  There are some of us (aging hipsters mostly) who long for a more simple two-dimensional time.

I like to make the comparison to Black and White movies vs. color ones.  There are few of us younger than 40 who still aren’t convinced that World War II was fought completely in black and white, and as a reward for our stunning and brave victory, humanity was awarded color.

I think that it might ring true with videogames. When the kids of today play old videogames they much just laugh and picture a world where all entertainment was grainy and pixilated.

But they should not completely exclude those old tyme games.  Sure they don’t have any of the action, graphics, story or music that new games, have but they still have one thing, playability.  They challenge you in the same way that hitting tennis balls against a brick wall does.  It’s simple but hard to master.

There is a basic principle in videogames that in many ways levels the playing field between games of all calibers.  And that is, no game can be so hard that nobody can win.  And believe me, just because those old games were simple, many of them were hard to beat.  Some were even harder to beat than the games of today.

The following section should highlight some of the more seminal games that helped shape our youth and paved the way for the next generation of videogamers.

So enjoy this section on classic Nintendo games.  If you are an aging hipster it should flood back memories of sleepovers and cool ranch Doritos. If you are younger it will hopefully give you incentive to go out and pick up one of these systems (for about the cost of a HALO expansion pack) and play video games like they were meant to be played.  IN 16 bit with four modified sound waves for excitement.