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Blood Type Diet

So you have decided that you want to change your eating habits to lose weight and live a healthier life.  Of course, there is the question of what kind of diet you should go on.  While there are a number of options out there, have you ever considered what naturopathic diets there are available?

Popularized by the naturopathic physician, Peter D’Adamo, the Blood Type Diet is one of the most unique diets around.  Essentially, the Blood Type Diet is exactly what it sounds like.  Working under the theory that your body’s blood type should determine your diet, it may sound like a ridiculous diet.  However, there are many proponents of the blood type diet who swears by its effectiveness.

The basis of the Blood Type Diet revolves around the theory that the carbohydrates, lectins, that are present in what you eat will have a different reaction on a person depending on the eater’s blood diet.  Working from the hypothesis of other biochemists and glycobiologists, the blood type diet identifies the way that lectins interact with the different types of blood type.  The results of the blood type diet is a dietary plan that suggest food that reduce the chances of a harmful reaction in your body caused by conflicts between your blood type and the food’s lectins.

In addition to being a dietary plan, the blood type diet also classifies different blood groups with unique characteristics.  For example, individuals who have blood type O are classified as hunters.  As a result, it is highly recommended that their diet should consist of protein rich meat.  This is due to the belief that individuals who fit in the blood group O have a strong immune system and an efficient metabolism.

Individuals who fall under the Type A Blood Type are described as Cultivators and are believed to have a body that is suited to metabolize nutrients efficiently, while having difficulty in digesting meat protein.  As a result, the blood type diet recommends that Blood Group A individuals should eat a diet that is heavy with vegetables but contain little to no consumption of red meat.

Type B Blood Type people are classified as Nomads.  The people who fall under this category tend to have a strong immune system and a balanced nervous system.  The blood type diet prescribes that individuals with Type B blood should eat a balanced diet, especially emphasizing eating dairy products.

For individuals with Type AB Blood, the Blood Type Diet classifies you as being an Enigma.  The blood type diet theorizes that individuals in this category have an immune system that is highly tolerant to most foods but also suffer from a sensitive digestive tract.  The blood type diet should eat a balanced diet with a bit more emphasis on eating red meat.

While there are many critics who argue against the scientific and nutrition arguments supporting the blood type diet, there are also a large number of proponents.  Decide for yourself if the blood type diet is right for you by consulting your doctor and also a naturopath doctor.  Although it may sound crazy, the blood type diet may be the perfect solution to healthiness for you!