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Nicky Hilton married no more?

The wedding bells are still echoing but socialite Nicky Hilton no longer wants to be married to Todd Meister, a money manager twelve years her senior.  The were married only two months ago, in Las Vegas, this summer and even though the wedding was sort of shotgun-fast, it was quite a beautiful and romantic ceremony with Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell appearing in a tiara and carrying a pillow with the wedding rings.  Kidding.  But seriously, what went wrong? Reasons for the split include the couple’s age difference and the fact that he lives in New York and she spends most of her time in Los Angeles.

Hilton was seen at a political fund-raiser and a nightclub earlier this month without her wedding band and it was suggested that that the couple actually split several weeks ago.   The couple has been living separately and it was suggested that Hilton simply felt too young to be married.  She is only 21. Additionally, gossip suggests that there wasn’t a lot of chemistry between the couple who were much more like best friends than lovers. 

Hilton showed up at a John Kerry fundraiser without her wedding band and when somoene asked her if she was still married, Hilton giggled and showed off her unfettered hand, asking: ``Am I?’’

She may sound silly but many say she is actually smarter of the Hilton sisters.  Though she does not get enough credit for it, Nicky always had a flair for the business side of things and began studying design in the hopes that her talents will get exposure. Her goal was to create accessories for the fashion industry, not simply model in them the way her sister Paris has done.

Her dreams were realized when she was asked to design handbags for Tokyo-based Samantha Thavasa to design some hand bags. Nicky invited Paris to join her and they both produced such great results, that their handbags can be found in select stores and have won over celebrity fans like the talented pop princess Britney Spears, the babelicious Tara Reid and the uberbabe, Pamela Anderson.

Many say Nicky made the right decision by deciding to annule her marriage as she still has lots of time to mature and get a sense of self before she settles down.  Her intentions were pure when she got married but she simply might’ve not realized that marriage is a commitment and that it requires more than empty declarations and public photos of holding hands. 

Recently Hilton’s been spotted with actor Kevin Connolly, 30, of HBO’s "Entourage."