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Rachel Hunter’s Breasts in the News 

As Rachel Hunter’s recent endeavor proves, there’s nothing sexier than an uber babe launching a line of luxury lingerie. Hunter, 35, a New Zealand supermodel and an actress, previously married to a raspy-voiced, rock  god Rod Stewart, became the face of the Scottish lingerie house, Ultimo Black Label,  this fall.  

Ultimo Black Label representatives are very pleased with their choice.

The sales of bras and panties went up immediately, thanks to Hunter who is currently living in LA’s Sunset strip with her children, Renee, 12, and Liam, 10.  Interestingly, the former Ultimo Black Label model, Penny Lancaster, is a current girlfriend of Hunter’s former husband, Rod Stewart.  Hunter said she didn’t want to hurt Lancaster’s feelings but replacing her but it needs to be said that the best woman wins. 

Where Rachel Hunter’s breasts prove to be successful money-makers now, they were a subject to a bit of a controversy this summer.  While promoting cosmetics in New Zealand’s Northlands Mall, Hunter was assaulted by a sixteen-year old boy who ran up to her and grabbed her breast.  The supermodel said she was shaken and shocked.  The teenager has escaped a criminal charge, apologized to Hunter and donated money to Women’s Refuge organization.