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Ah My Goddess

So, you are a bored young man sitting in your apartment, no life, no girlfriend and nothing to really care about except school… that is hardly worth caring about anyway.  You get a serious case of the munchies and you decide to order take-out.  Seems reasonable.

But what if you dialed the wrong number, and instead of getting food delivered to your house, you had three beautiful Goddesses delivered into your life, forever.

This is the basic fantasy behind the Anime movie Ah My Goddess, and it seems to have struck a chord with audiences all over the world.  After all there are a lot of lonely young men out there.

Originally a comic book, or Manga, the story was adapted into a feature length movie for a more broad audience.  The characters are the same but they act slightly different and the context is slightly tweaked, but the entire tingly boy meets Goddess elements remain in place.

As you would expect from any entertainment with Goddess in the title, this film looks gorgeous.  Every character is an expressionist masterpiece, with flowing hair, beautiful robes and exaggerated facial features that can easily communicate any emotion to the power of ten.

I’m not sure if you have seen the American movie Weird Science, but it, or its basic fantasy, is very similar to the narrative arc of the Ah My Goddess books and films.  It takes a mild mannered you man and allows him to live out many of his dreams with females who can at times be very naïve about the world we live in, and at the same time be extremely wise and crafty in their quest to help the protagonist achieve his goals…also often involving girls.

One of the best aspects of the Ah My Goddess film is that it doesn’t fall into the American trap of simplifying things into good vs. evil.  This moral ambiguity allows the audience to get more involved in story, and best of all, it prevents any easily predictable ending.

This one is well worth checking out.  The only real problem is that the movie assumes that you already know the Manga and therefore you know all of the characters’ history.  But just pay attention and soon enough you catch on to what’s happening and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.