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Digimon The Movie

When the Digimon TV series was released many adults saw it as nothing more than a brutal Pokemon rip-off, but without any of the charm that made that series so enjoyable. But, kids being kids didn't see past that and they just enjoyed the show for what it was.

The story, predictably enough revolves around an Internet virus that threatens the very lives of the adorable Digimon characters, and each of them, with their human counterparts battle to save their very existence.

It's kind of funny, when the characters who appear to be real and live in a three dimensional world get booted off line and they have other problems such as loading, but if you are a real discerning person this might not be enough to hold your interest.

The dialogue, too, is often quite good and very funny. Repeating any of the jokes would spoil them but once again, Digimon's comedy doesn't look down at its primary audience. Considering that Digimon's distributor is Saban, this is a major achievement. Prior to Digimon, Saban was best known for chopping up silly Japanese costumed martial arts kiddie adventures and using those tidbits as the chief ingredients in the even sillier Power Rangers.

However, since we are still dealing with Digimon, every blessing is balanced with buffoonery. For example, the character designs are terrific; the human characters have oversized heads and hands and skinny bodies, perfect for representing pre-teens. However, the characters are never truly fleshed out into anyone anybody unfamiliar with the TV show and its minutiae can care about.

The Digimon characters, which are referred to as monsters occupy a wide range of looks and personalities, but they very rarely engage the audience beyond their original goal of intrigue.

The end result is what many critics call "eye candy" which is a nice way of saying that nothing in the film is grounded in good storytelling. I enjoyed whole sections of Digimon the same way I enjoyed Transformers - as pure, free flowing animation. There were times when the film was so much fun I was tempted to revise my opinion of Digimon as a TV series.

With that said, Digimon is not a great movie by any stretch but if you are looking to occupy yourself or your young kinds for an afternoon this flick is a good bet. I would suggest that you try out the original Pokemon version of this same story for a little more creativity and a lot more substance.