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Cowboy Bebop The Movie

Whether you are familiar with the television series of the same name won’t really affect whether you like this movie or not.  While the characters did really establish themselves in the original show they are archetypical enough for it not to really matter.

Essentially they are very broke bounty hunters that travel the known galaxy just trying to make a buck the only way they know how.

The story of the movie acts like an extended version of the television show.  The crew, running out of money, accepts a job that takes them to Mars to hunt down and capture a rogue hacker.  While there, there is massive terrorist attack that destroys a tanker truck in a major urban center.  Dozens of innocent people are destroyed in the initial blast, but the real terror arrives when anyone surrounding the explosion drops dead after a few moments.

It turns out that the tanker truck was carrying a very deadly nano-virus that infects people and sends them to an early grave.  It turns out that he attack was merely a practice run that harkens to a much worse catastrophe, the complete annihilation of everyone on Mars.

What makes this whole thing even more gruesome is that, the attack is supposed to take place on Halloween.

In terms of action the film doesn’t let up for a send.  There is plenty of gunplay, a al HK actions films.  And there is even an element of Star Wars style space combat to tweak the interest of the more sci-fi inclined fans.

The subject matter is also surprisingly hip and edgy, with the protagonists and antagonists alike trading witty remarks and verbal barbs when the situation calls for it. Not only that but all of the characters have really sexy costumes, which makes for a great movie.

The soundtrack to this film is also quite good.  Combining the greatest elements of Jazz, Rock and classical, it is quite apparent that the creators of the show put a lot of time and thought into how the music would set the tone for the films action and its more somber moments.

If you are familiar with the television series, you have probably seen this already, but if you are new to the genre you show really check this one out, it’s very good and it will get you interested in other kinds of Anime.