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Poland’s Contemporary Art

The scope of Poland’s contemporary art is really too large to examine in a great detail.  This is why I’m choosing to concentrate on one artist only who – through his artwork – seems to represent a certain, unique spirit of the Polish creativity. 

Robert Kusmirowski

Robert Kusmirowski’s "Yes, I’m wsiór" is the most appropriate title for this installation in the sense that the work focuses on a rural motif of the well taken straight out of a village frozen in time, a motif that purposely links into the nature of the contemporary art world that is often obsessed with everything that’s syntetic.

According to the artist himself the title can be read in two ways: as "Yes, Im a wsiór  (In other words a hick, a country man but more of a trailer trash guy) , or more in line with its phonetic form as ”Yes, I’m sure.”

The title confirms that the artist is no stranger to the subject of country life and to country life itself and he draws on it on it freely in my installations. Through the title’s second interpretation, Kusmirowski confirms how sure I am of my artistic decisions and expressions.

Robert Kuśmirowski is one of Poland’s most interesting and active young artists. He lives near Lublin and last year received a degree in sculpture from the Fine Arts Department of M. Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Kuśmirowski was named Poland’s top contemporary artist of 2003.  His initial works were primarily falsifications of everyday reality such as copies of various documents, photos as well as objects both small and large that included a railroad car and a bicycle.

Kusmirowski is a brilliant imitator, counterfeiter and manipulator of reality in time and space, Robert Kuśmirowski and he truly has drawn significant attention from observers of the contemporary art scene.