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Lutheran Christians are those who follow the teachings of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther was born in Germany in the 1400s and joined a monastery in his twenties. After being appalled by the state of affairs within the church he saw the need for religious revolt, which became known as Reformation.

Lutherans believe that God created the universe and that he is continually creating each and every moment of the day. 

Lutherans also tend to believe that males and females were created in God’s image and as such were given the capacity and freedom to respond to God in whichever way they choose, either positively or negatively. Negatively responding to God is seen as leading to sin.

There are a few beliefs that are seen as characteristically Lutheran and these ideas are some of the theological ideas directly brought to light by Martin Luther.

Lutherans Believe that:

-         We are saved by the grace of God alone (instead of being saved by the things we do in life)

-         Salvation is comes through faith alone. Lutherans believe that they need only remember that their sins are forgiven for Christ’s sake because he died to redeem humanity.

-         The Bible is the ultimate means by which teachings and doctrines should always be judged.

To become a Lutheran a person must be baptized and properly instructed on the ways of the Christian faith and the Lutheran belief system.