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Baptism is one of the many sects of Christianity. There are almost 35 million Baptists worldwide and many of these people are committed to living according to the highest Christian precepts.

In terms of faith and morality, most strict Baptists are considered fundamentalists. They put quite a bit of emphasis on the Bible and living according to its word. According to most Baptists the Bible is to be interpreted literally.

In general Baptists reject creeds and dogma. Instead most Baptists concentrate on living a good Christian life. In fact, many Baptist seminaries and churches are known for their liberal theology, style of worship, and social points of view. Compared to other sects of Christianity Baptists are quite socially liberal.

The Baptist Faith is Characterized by the Following:

-         Quite a bit of authority is given to the congregation when it comes to church affairs.

-         There is a significant emphasis put on the importance of freedom of speech.

-         Baptists often consult the Scripture when it comes to matters of faith and morality.

-         Baptists insist on Baptizing followers in adulthood, rather than in childhood.

Baptists believe that their members are people who have been born again by the Holy Spirit. They therefore attempt to live life in direct contact with Jesus.

Baptists believe that the church is ultimately governed by the Holy Spirit that is brought forth through each member of the church instead of being governed by a company of priests.

Baptists believe that each person is responsibly for relating to God. Authority in matters of religion rest first with the individual believer and second with the local congregation of believers.