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Greek Orthodoxy

Christianity is the world’s most popular religion with over a billion followers scattered throughout each continent and Greek Orthodoxy is a sect of this great religion.

Greek Orthodoxy is a facet of Eastern Orthodoxy and as such the followers of this form of religion believe that they belong to the original Christian faith that was founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles.

In fact, Greek Orthodoxy was given its name to allude the the religion’s cosmopolitan aspects, not because the religion came out of Greece.

These days Greek Othodoxy is often used to describe many of the facets of Eastern Orthodoxy, which is a more all encompassing term. In North America the term Greek Orthodoxy is often used to describe groups that originated in Russia, Romania and even Syria.

This form of Christianity is said to predate the New Testament so Greek Orthodoxy is one form of the religion that does not base its entire existence on the words of the bible. In fact, although Greek Orthodox Christians look to the bible for its prophecies, they do not necessary base their conduct on the rules set forth by the bible because they see these rules as mainly applying to Jewish people.

Greek Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics actually share many of the same traits because originally they were considered one sect, but around 1050 there was a separation and the two groups split apart.

Greek Orthodox Christians believe that their religion, above all others preserves the traditions and teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

The Greek Orthodox Church operates on the premise that there is no single bishop in charge. Instead all bishops within this sect of Christianity are considered to be equal.