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The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best

Branson, you’ve stolen my schtick for the very last time!

Emmanuel C. Moneybags

All of my life, I have aspired to show the world what you one can do if they had a big dream and a big inheritance.  Unlike my older, more traditional brother, Cornelius T. Moneybags III (or CT3 to the family), I have always wanted to bridge the wide disconnect between the public and the wealthy elite.  Except there was only one thing stopping my name, Emmanuel C. Moneybags, from becoming a household name or a modern day folk hero.

That thing was and still is Richard Branson.

I first met Richard Branson while I was taking a break from school to go ski and spend sometime in a chalet in Switzerland.  Back in those days, I was breaking the mold of what a young millionaire can and should do with his considerable fortune.  Rather than spend my considerable assets on building businesses or donating money to charity, I spent my money on extravagant adventures that showed the world how virile I was.

Of course, if you were to ask the man on the street what they think of when they hear the term extreme adventure millionaire, they will either shrug in confusion or say the name, Richard Branson.  Well, I’m here to tell the world that Richard Branson stole this schtick from me.

Throughout the years, Branson and I have clashed on both a business and personal level.  The founder and chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies, Branson actually stole the name Virgin from me.  I remember the moment exactly, I was sitting in a sauna in Monaco with a number of salacious ladies coming up with funny names of companies.  Branson was sitting in the same room and I remember distinctly seeing his ears perk up when I casually mentioned the name Virgin.  Now look at it, he’s created an entire empire based on the name I created.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.  There’s the whole issue of the Virgin Megastore.  Many people view this as one of Branson’s greatest legacies, creating the Virgin Megastore, but it’s a well-known fact within the millionaire world that I came up with the concept of the megastore.  Well, maybe it isn’t true that I came up with the logistics of the megastore but mega is my word.  It is my word and nobody’s allowed to use it.  Ask Prince Charles or Bill Gates, they will agree, the word mega is strictly Emmanuel C. Moneybags’ domain.  I once had my bodyguards beat up Edgar Bronfman Junior’s bodyguards when he used the term mega.  He subsequently apologized once my bodyguards gave his bodyguards a mega beating.

Of course, my contemptuous relationship with Branson continues when he stole the idea of doing a reality TV show from me.  On his show, The Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best, he apparently takes sixteen aspiring entrepreneurs on a tour through the world where he will relive some of his greatest experiences.  Well, it’s a well-known fact that I proposed a similar reality TV show to FOX where I take sixteen sexy ladies and woo them in different locations throughout the world.  Of course, they laughed at me but they pick up Branson’s show?  Branson!!!

About the author:

Emmanuel C. Moneybags is a member of the Moneybags family, holders of one of the world’s greatest fortunes.  Dedicated to traveling to the world’s greatest resorts, Emmanuel has devoted his life to having a good time.  He has often considered spending some time to do something of use but unfortunately Richard Branson has always stolen his ideas.