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The Simple Life

The Simple Life’s alright, but if you really want to know Paris Hilton watch One Night in Paris

By Pervis C. Perverson

I’ve been a big fan of Paris Hilton for some time now and always thought that this beautiful heiress needed to be covered more in the media.  Although, Paris is often in the tabloids, I think I speak for all of America when I say that I want to know the true Paris Hilton.  Not the caricature of the crazy rich party girl but a true look at a young heiress worth around $30 million dollars trying to make it in this crazy world.

When I learned that FOX was producing a reality TV show covering the exploits of Paris Hilton and her bestest-friend in the whole world, Nicole Richie (adopted daughter of Lionel), I was delighted.  Finally, the American public would be able to see through all of the spin and get a true portrait of what life is like for Paris Hilton.  Unfortunately, after two seasons of The Simple Life, I have to say that this reality TV show has been disappointing.

Although The Simple Life is a pretty entertaining reality TV show, it unfortunately does not put Paris and her friend Nicole in an accurate light.  With an inspired premise of putting two rich Beverly Hills girls in small town America and seeing how they would react, The Simple Life is damn funny.  However, if you want a hard-hitting look at who Paris Hilton, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, a documentary on the life of Paris Hilton was recently released and it’s a doozy.  One Night in Paris is a short look at who Paris Hilton is, warts and all.  Although the production value isn’t the highest and the screen is way too much green, One Night in Paris tells the public a hundred times more than The Simple Life dares too.

An intense examination in the complex relationship with Paris Hilton and her then-boyfriend, Rick Soloman, One Night in Paris uncovers the various moods of Paris Hilton.  You will laugh and you will cry as you watch Paris Hilton go through a range of emotions.

A breathtaking piece of art, One Night in Paris takes the risks that The Simple Life just can’t.  Maybe it’s because One Night in Paris wasn’t created by a major corporation designed to increase ratings at the expense of art, whereas The Simple Life does not aspire to such lofty aspirations.  Although The Simple Life does provide surreal footage of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie creating hot dogs and milking cows, it is rooted in a place of fantasy.  Let’s face it: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie don’t do the things they usually do on The Simple Life.  However, One Night in Paris is an accurate portrayal of what may happen on an everyday basis for both Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and maybe even together.  Although I enjoy The Simple Life, I would highly recommend One Night in Paris for a more artier and truer examination on the cultural icon that is Paris Hilton.  I would also recommend watching One Night in Paris with your door locked and a box of Kleenex kicking around.

About the author:

Pervis C. Perverson is an accomplished Internet blogger.  His thoughts on a variety of political and cultural topics have proved to be too hot for the Internet and his blog has been shut down.  Simultaneously blaming ’the man’ and his inability to pay for his Internet service, Pervis C. Perveson is currently looking for ways to increase his income to reconnect to the Internet.  You may send funds to Mr. Perverson through his e-mail address.