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The Ashlee Simpson Show

Ashlee Simpson is the coolest Simpson ever!

by Wanda Lilly

Oh my god!  Have you ever seen The Ashlee Simpson Show?  It’s the greatest show ever.  Ashlee’s so cool.  She’s so real and she doesn’t care what anyone says about her because she’s all about the truth.

Did you see the show where her boyfriend and superhottie, Ryan Cabrera, dissed her on Valentines Day by not playing the song she wrote for her?  That’s some serious sass and she showed him that not man treats her like that.  When I grow up I want to be all cool like that leaving boys that don’t treat me right.

If you don’t know who Ashlee Simpson is, well what is wrong with you!  Ashlee’s older sister is Jessica Simpson, who’s kind of cool, but not as cool as Ashlee.  Jessica is a singer like Ashlee but she’s a lot like Britney Spears and she doesn’t write her own songs.  Ashlee writes parts of her own songs and that makes her cooler.  But Jessica’s show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, is really cool and Jessica’s so funny.

Anyway, Ashlee is a singer now but when The Ashlee Simpson Show first came on, no one knew that.  All that we knew about Ashlee was that she was Jessica’s younger sister and that she used to be on 7th Heaven.  She was Cecilia on that show and she was cool, but not nearly as cool as she is now.

On the show, Ashlee recorded an album and she dyed her blonde hair black, making her more edgy.  I want Ashlee to be my older sister, that’d be so rad, because she’s so the coolest Simpson ever!

She’s cooler than Jessica, who is pretty cool, but not as cool.

She’s definitely cooler than OJ, who isn’t very cool.

She’s way cooler than Mike, who is just icky.

And she’s so much cooler than Homer because I don’t like that show at all.

No, Ashlee Simpson is the coolest Simpson ever and her show is great.  If you want to be as cool as Ashlee, watch The Ashlee Simpson Show.  It’s so rad.  Also, Ashlee’s album, Autobiography, is really great.  Her video for Pieces of Me is also really good and I hope that MTV puts on another season of The Ashlee Simpson Show.

That would be great news for me and all you other Ashlee Simpson fanatics out there who can’t wait to read about this in a newspaper soon.

About the author:

Wanda Lilly and her twin sister Ana live in Idaho, where they are currently in Junior High.  Wanda considers herself to be the biggest Ashlee Simpson fan ever and has frequent arguments with Ana over who the coolest Simpson is.  Ana is a big Jessica Simpson fan and although the two often have bitter arguments about who is the better of these two sisters, both have developed a grudging respect to the sister of their favorite Simpson.  Neither Wanda nor Ana like Mike Simpson, who is a reference to either a boy in their class or the Congressman for Idaho’s 2nd District.