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Celebrity Divorces

In our lives, there is very little good that comes with witnessing your friends or yourself going through a divorce.  That is, at least in the short term.  While a divorce is often a painful and regrettable experience to go through, in most cases it is the appropriate thing to occur.  After all, there is no shame in admitting that perhaps your marriage was a bit of a mistake or acknowledging the fact that it may have run its course.  In many cases, a divorce is one of those things that open up new avenues of opportunity and gives you a valuable prospective to live your life.

Although this may sound petty, how often have you attended a wedding or have seen a married couple interact and wonder how long it would be before they would inevitably divorce.  While this sounds horrible, it is a very human interaction.  After all, who hasn’t been to a wedding and seen a couple that is blissfully unaware of how much work it takes to make a marriage successful. 

While you don’t want to be watching your friends or peers marriages crumble into divorce, it is amazing how fascinated we all are when it comes to watching celebrity marriages slowly or rapidly deteriorate into celebrity divorces.  In many cases, we look up to celebrities as a contemporary form of royalty.  After all, celebrities are more attractive that us.  They are also richer than most of us could ever imagine.  They are able to afford to vacation at islands that many of us have never even heard of.  Also they are able to get romantically involved with people that we can only dream about.

Much like the cool kids at high school, we look up to celebrities in both admiration and derision.  Although we can’t help but get wrapped up in a beautiful story of celebrities finding their soul mates and falling in love, we also can’t resist the nasty separation of what appeared to be a perfect marriage.  Just because we as a public admire celebrities, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t at least a small bit of enjoyment or interest in watching them struggle through heartache and other things that we all have to endure.

We live in a culture that loves celebrities.  While the British have their fascination with their royal family, it is natural for us to be immersed in the lives of our celebrities.  Although there are many stars that complain that their private lives are off limits and are being intruded upon, it is a catch-22.  Many celebrities often sell their products and increase their salaries by carefully manipulating their public image to make themselves bankable.  Also, there are many stars who put their private lives in public view through avenues such as reality TV shows and are essentially asking the public to examine their lives through a voyeuristic lens.  Besides, it is in all good fun watching a celebrity marriage turn into a celebrity divorce.  In essence, watching a celebrity divorce occur is like watching a real life soap opera:  same attractive people; same crazy lives; same dramatic details.  Except in many cases, the truth is stranger than fiction.

To quench your thirst for knowledge about celebrity divorces, our celebrity experts have written a detailed account of some of the more famous and lewd celebrity divorces that have occurred in recent years.  We will examine the lives of these celebrities and how their relationship quickly went from storybook romance to all too human melodrama.  Our articles will find the humor and moral story behind these failed celebrity romances without making you feel a bit creepy about reading about the private lives of these celebrities.

Celebrity weddings and marriages are often shrouded in secrecy and are representative of Hollywood at its most decadent.  From weddings on exotic paradise islands to decoy weddings that are meant to fake out the paparazzi, celebrity marriages are some of the most fascinating events to watch as an outsider.  However, it is just as much fun to watch as the pomp and circumstance of these Hollywood romances quickly descend into an inquiry of the who, what, where, why, and how of how these celebrity marriages have turned into divorce.

Was it infidelity?  Could one of the people involved be hiding a shocking secret?  Did that dream man in front of the cameras turn into a nightmare once the lights of the public glare was gone?  How long did it take the two to realize that they completely rushed into a marriage?  These are just some of the questions that come up when we look at famous celebrity divorces.  Sometimes celebrity divorces are completely predictable like the 10 days it took for basketball bad boy, Dennis Rodman, and Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra, to realize that their celebrity marriage was a bad idea.  Other times it comes up completely out of the blue, like the shocking divorce between action star, Bruce Willis, and Hollywood beauty, Demi Moore after 13 years of marriage.

Whatever the length of a celebrity marriage, doesn’t it seem like most celebrity marriages are doomed?  That’s one of the most fascinating aspects of watching a celebrity marriage, as it seems like most celebrity marriages end up in celebrity divorces.  One of the biggest punch lines about Hollywood for years has been about Elizabeth Taylor who has married six times.  However, if you look at some of the major players in Tinsel Town today, doesn’t it seem that Elizabeth Taylor’s mark for marriages and divorces going to be threatened in some way?  After all, pop singer/actress/style icon Jennifer Lopez has already gone through two divorces and although her third marriage to fellow pop singer, Marc Anthony seems to be going well, who knows if time will produce a third divorce. 

Similarly, fellow pop singer, Britney Spears, has just gone through her second divorce, this time to aspiring rapper, Kevin Federline.  Spears who is still in her twenties, seems to rush to the altar and you can never know if a third celebrity marriage and subsequent celebrity divorce is on its way.  After all, when it comes to Britney Spears, you can only expect the unexpected.  If you are a Britney fan or a K-Federmaniac, you have to check out our article about the chaotic marriage and divorce of these two seeming opposites.

In many cases, doesn’t it seem like celebrities in celebrity marriages have to struggle much more than other people.  After all, celebrity divorces often occur due to ironically the temptations in Hollywood.  How many celebrity marriages have you heard about that has its basis on its stars meeting on set while working together?  From Antonia Banderas and Melanie Griffith to Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, there have been countless marriages that can be attributed to the intense chemistry that comes with starring together in a movie. 

Then again, how many celebrity marriages have you heard about that has ended in celebrity divorces after one of the people in the marriage has an affair with a co-star in a movie.  After all, it has to be extremely hard to not get swept into the emotion of pretending to be in love with somebody on the big screen.  Also, is it really possible to completely separate your personal feelings from your professional commitments when you are filming an intense love making scene?  So many celebrity marriages have ended and so many new celebrity relationships have begun because of a person giving into temptation while filming a movie together.

After all, if you see a couple displaying intense chemistry on the big screen, there is a good chance that this chemistry has spread into the personal lives of these actors.  The best example of this is the relationship between extremely sexy actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whose amazing chemistry in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” made the movie one of the most irresistible movies of 2006.  Of course, the dazzling spark that they displayed on the movie was soon evident in their personal lives, as Brad Pitt’s celebrity marriage with Friends star Jennifer Aniston soon crumbled.  Ironically, Jennifer Aniston would find solace in the arms of her co-star, Vince Vaughn, while they were filming their anti-romantic movie, “The Breakup.”

Sometimes it is in the intense pressures of pretending to be passionate with somebody on the big screen that seeps into the personal lives of stars and other times there are other reasons for a celebrity divorce.  In some instances, there is a huge public groundswell of support for a celebrity divorce.  This was particularly evident in the marriage between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.  While Britney Spears seemed like an overachiever who had reached heights of success at an unbelievably early age, Kevin Federline was perceived as a parasite that was living off the fame and wealth of Spears.  However, as this celebrity marriage has dissolved, it has been fascinating to see how much stability Federline seemed to have provided Britney Spears.  Who knows, maybe this celebrity marriage that most people opposed was actually a case of love, after all.

In other cases, it is amazing to see how quickly a storybook celebrity marriage has dissolved into a celebrity divorce.  In some cases like in the marriage between Academy Award winning actress, Rene Zellweger and country singer, Kenny Chesney, the celebrity marriage and the celebrity divorce come extremely quickly.  This is often a case of a relationship doing too much at too fast of a time.  In some other cases, there is a fascinating love story involved.  This is particularly true of the relationship that Baywatch babe and object of Borat’s affection, Pamela Anderson’s celebrity marriage and divorces to two of rock music’s biggest and baddest figures: former Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, and the self-proclaimed, American badass, Kid Rock.  Often it seems that Pamela Anderson is getting married to one and then divorcing to restart her relationship with the other.

Marriage can be a tricky thing and the last thing that most people want to see happen to a marriage is to have it end up in divorce.  However, there is still a bit of fascination that comes when you see how a divorce occurs.  After all, marriages generally begin with the same feeling – love.  Divorces, on the other hand, take many fascinating routes to end up in this situation.  Indulge your guilty pleasures and read about how some of the most fascinating and biggest celebrity divorces in recent years have occurred.  You may laugh, you may cry, but you will never be bored!