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Outdoor Survival

Among reality TV programming, one type of reality TV show stands as the most successful: outdoor survival reality TV programming.  These types of reality TV shows are based on a tried and true premise: take a number of ordinary contestants and place them in an extraordinary situation and watch them adapt.  By placing regular people in parts of the world, which are completely different from their homes, television viewers are able to see these contestants grow as people, as they become more resourceful and perform tasks that they would never think that they could do.

The most popular outdoor survival reality TV show is Survivor.  Considered the show that launched reality TV as a cultural phenomenon, Survivor has consistently been one of the best shows on television.  Now entering its ninth season, Survivor pits contestants against each other in groups that compete against each other.  The teams face each other during every episode in an elimination challenge, with the losing team having to vote off one member of its group.  This game of surviving the outdoor conditions combined with the internal politics, as contestants are forced to simultaneously work with each other while competing with each other is a fascinating show.  Survivor has also been lucrative to its contestants and can now be considered a television institution.

Although Survivor is the most popular reality TV show today, the best reality TV show is easily The Amazing Race.  This popular reality TV program pits pairs of contestants against each other, as they race around the globe completing tasks and challenges.  Filled with the most fun challenges, The Amazing Race is unique in that it highlights the entire world.  As educational as it is entertaining, The Amazing Race is one of those rare reality TV shows in which the audience can honestly say that they would participate in this program.

On a similar tip as The Amazing Race is Beg, Borrow, and Steal.  On this fun ESPN reality TV show, two teams of four were dropped off in Times Square where they had to complete ten tasks from a list of forty.  However, the catch is that the only thing that they had on them was their driver’s license and the clothes that they were wearing at the time.  As these times try to maneuver themselves throughout the continent to complete their tasks, they had to survive on their wits.  A fun show, Beg, Borrow, and Deal embodies the freewheeling spirit of outdoor survival reality TV programming.

Although not as outdoorsy as The Amazing Race or Survivor, Fear Factor is a popular reality TV program that has a degree of survival in it.  For people that don’t watch it often, you may know it as the show in which people eat bugs.  As a person who loves watching Fear Factor, it’s true, there’s a lot of bug eating on this show, but there’s so much more.  Thrills, thrills, and thrills: Fear Factor is one of the most fun programs on television these days.  Reality TV shows like Fear Factor and Survivor are proof that programming revolving around outdoor survival will always have a place in the heart of America.  So hop around this website and find out more about your favorite.