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Dating Reality TV Shows

One of the most popular type of reality TV shows these days are dating reality TV shows.  Dating reality TV shows appeal to all segments of the television watching population because there’s something for everyone.  For hopeless romantics that circle Valentine’s Day on their calendar, dating reality TV shows can reinforce your belief in true love.  Shows like Blind Date and The Bachelor often show two complete strangers work with unbelievable chemistry, as they both realize that they’ve found someone that they’ve always been looking for.  These shows often produce Kleenex-grabbing moments, as dating reality TV watchers get to enjoy peering into a private romantic moment between people that they don’t know.

Of course, if you’re not having any luck on the dating scene and just want to enjoy people share the same experience as you, then dating reality TV shows will be your cup of tea.  As the saying goes, misery loves company, and if you’re not feeling the romance then you’ll be able to watch people go through the same thing on dating reality TV shows like Elimidate and Ex-treme Dating.  Just as the ultimate dating reality TV show Blind Date shows people hooking up, they also show the other side of the coin.  More often than not, the dates shown on Blind Dates are disastrous.  So, if you want to sit back and laugh at the doofus trying to impress his blind date with conversations about his love of insects or if you want to roll your eyes at the girl who’s suddenly lost a lot of weight and now thinks she’s a sexpot, then dating reality TV shows are for you.

These dating reality TV shows are just some of the most standard reality TV shows on television these days.  Lately, the newest dating reality TV shows revolve around crazy premises that are guaranteed to bring hilarity.  Do you remember Fox’s Joe Millionaire, the lovely dating reality TV show about a Los Angeles construction worker that pretends to be a millionaire?  If you do, then you’ll also remember how he had to choose between a host of beautiful female contestants that wanted to be hooked up with this seemingly hunky millionaire.  Following on these footsteps were other popular dating reality TV shows like My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, the anti-dating reality TV show that revolved around a female contestant that had to fool her parents for two weeks that she was getting married.  Unknown to her was the twist that the person she was allegedly going to marry was actually an actor whose goal was to disrupt her attempts of lying to her family.

For the ultimate bring-down of dating reality TV shows, there was Average Joe.  During its three editions of this highly entertaining show, the question was asked whether a person would choose between an average looking but awesome personality contestant or some hot and vacuous person.  Although Average Joe was responsible for such memorable dating reality TV show moments like a contestant spying on another contestant’s date through a submarine, it also was the biggest bummer of all reality TV shows.  In all three editions, Average Joe kicked the average man/woman down by showing that in all televised instances, the average contestant lost!  What a bummer.

With reality TV shows being the most profitable type of television programming, you can expect more dating reality TV shows on the way.  The Bachelor of The Bachellorette has become a television institution and other dating reality TV shows like For Love or Money and Star Dates have proven to be particularly popular.  Read about your favorite dating reality TV shows on this site!