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One of the first questions people ask when they are still skeptical about astrology is: ”If this stuff really works, then why aren’t I exactly the same a person who was born on the same day as me?”

Well, the answer lies in the ascent or the descent of your sign.  This is a far more exact placement of your birth characteristics.  For the sun sign or you zodiac sign will tell you what you life has in store for you, the exact time of your birth will give you some clues as to how you will perceive and deal with this life.

One reason the moment of birth (or the beginning of an event) is so important to astrologers is its effect on the Ascendant-as well as other time-sensitive astrological elements. Changing approximately one degree of longitude for every four minutes of time, the Ascendant for a birth chart can be any degree of any of the 12 signs during a 24-hour period.

To put it in another way, all 360 degrees of the Zodiac will rise-hence rising sign-over the Eastern horizon (location of the Ascendant) during one day. Therefore, if you are born on the same day, at the same place, and in the same year as someone else, but at a slightly different time, your Ascendants will not be the same.

On the flip side, there is the descendant, which does the opposite.  So, instead of determining how you will face your life, the descendant will dictate how you deal with the lives of others.

Many people are very interested in this because it holds many of the clues that could help them in their romantic life.

Many partnerships never get beyond the point of relating to one another through the image each has of the other, where maintaining your own self-image (your Ascendant) can override looking in the mirror of your partner.

The axis of the Ascendant and Descendant, symbolizing self and other, shows that one way to know yourself, as you truly are, requires the light from someone else to shine on you and for you to acknowledge and accept what you see for what it is-easy to say, difficult to do.

So, in short, if you were born on the same day as someone else you may have many things in common with them, but because your ascendants and your descendants are so different you will not be able to relate to them a perfect level, and you may even be at odds with them, because you share so much, but see it so differently.