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The basic main components of a birth chart are the planets, signs and houses. The planets each have meaning, as does the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth, (your Sun Sign). The twelve divisions of the Birth Chart, (or horoscope) are called the Astrological Houses and indicate the areas of life where the planetary energies become manifest.

The Houses carry a theme based on the signs that are part of the natural order of the Zodiac i.e. Aries equates with the First House, Taurus the Second, Gemini the Third, Cancer the Fourth, Leo the Fifth, Virgo the Sixth, Libra the Seventh, Scorpio the Eighth, Sagittarius the Ninth, Capricorn the Tenth, Aquarius the Eleventh, and Pisces the Twelfth.

The First House: This is the house where we meet the world and we a shaped physically.  It will provide the ’tint’ for the rest of our lives.

The Second House: The Second House is concerned with what we have in terms of material possessions and also our ability to use our special skills and talents to bring our possessions to us.

The Third House: This is where we meet the world in social terms.  Where we get to know our family and our first friends.

The Fourth House: This is where we get to know our place in a context slightly larger than our family.  This shapes how we embrace our culture and our traditions.

The Fifth House: This is where we learn to nurture our individuality and creativity as part of a whole and part of society.  This is where friendship is the most important.

The Sixth House:  This House is associated with work and service to the community. It indicates how we can be part of society and gives our skills to it in order society to benefit, not just ourselves. It is also the house associated with health and healing and our ability to maintain our physical systems as a cohesive whole.

The Seventh House: This is house of compromise, where we learn to put our ego in check and act selflessly for the love of others.  This sign is most often associated with marriage and business relationships.

The Eighth House: I like to call this house the ’Death and Taxes’ house.  This is where we really start to see the end of the line and we see things as more precious.  Therefore our relationship with money becomes more acute.

The Ninth House: This is the house associated with religion.  Where culture and beliefs become more refined and are focused on the idea of living for a higher purpose.

The Tenth House: This is the house of ambition, where the fruits of all of our hard work are gather and we see what we have done.

The Eleventh House: This is concerned with our special friends and groups of people (not family) with whom we feel a common bond or association. There is a recognition that other people share our ideals and goals for the common good, perhaps through political endeavourer or charities. It is where we can create the sort of society we want and not be afraid of change or challenge to tradition.

The Twelfth House: This is the house of doubt where we really look inwardly and critically at our lives, and ourselves and see what we have done.