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Born: February 20 to March 220

Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Fish

Positive Traits:

Imaginative and sensitive

Compassionate and kind

Selfless and unworldly

Intuitive and sympathetic

Negative Traits:

Escapist and idealistic

Secretive and vague

Weak-willed and easily led

Generally Pisces are kind gentle almost malleable people who are generous almost to a fault.  They have a sense of sympathy that none of the other signs possess and they respond very strongly to suffering.

They are also extremely popular with just about everybody.  They won’t try to get in anyone’s way or step on anyone toes, and therefore people always feel comfortable with a Pisces.

Their natures tend to be too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world as it is. They sometimes exist emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively more than intellectually (depending on how they are aspected). They long to be recognized as greatly creative. They also dislike disciple and confinement. The nine-to-five life is not for them. Any rebellion they make against convention is personal, however, as they often times do not have the energy or motivation to battle against the Establishment.

In this same vein, Pisces tend to live in a dream world that they can retreat to whenever they feel like it. A Pisces will rarely ever be a boss of a company, but if they are artistically blessed they can make some of the most imaginative and compelling art in the world…and they most often profit from this.

If they are not artistically inclined they are best suited as cataloguers and librarians who can work quietly and help people find whatever they are looking for.

They are never egotistical in their personal relationships and give more than they ask from their friends. They are sexually delicate, in the extreme almost asexual, and most Pisceans would want a relationship in which the partner’s mind and spirit rather than the body resonated with their own. Unfortunately a lover who courts them delicately and in marriage makes them unhappy by a coarser sexuality than they expected can easily mislead them. They are nevertheless intensely loyal and home loving and will remain faithful.


Solitude to dream in

Mystery in all its guises

Anything discarded to stay discarded

The ridiculous

Like to get ’lost’


The obvious

Being criticized

Feeling all at sea about something