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With so many players and games in the National Basketball Association, it is difficult to keep track of individual play.  Past your usual dose of NBA superstars, and those with mega-deal shoe contracts, most players receive relatively little exposure. 

RingSurf NBA’s Player of the Week section will highlight the background and achievements of individuals in the NBA who have played outstanding basketball, or have gained notoriety/popularity in the preceding week. 

One of our focus is to highlight emerging players, those who have not yet received the attention they deserve.  As an NBA fan, it is important to realize which players are making an impact in the league, particularly those players who play in a small market, or losing team, and thus receive limited recognition.

So with the NBA Player of the Week, we hope to give you some information on players, you may have not heard of, or heard little of – to celebrate the immense and diverse talent present in this outstanding league!