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The world around you has so much candy to offer.  Traditional American brands tend to get boring an unexciting after a while.  You should consider branching out and becoming more cultured as a person… after all, you are what you eat.

You can find imported candy from Japan in any local Chinatown or import store.  By far the number one candy available is the wonderful Pocky snack.

Pocky is many things and nothing all at once.  What began as simply a biscuit stick dipped with a thin coating of milk chocolate has spawned an entire army of wonderful Pocky flavors.

If you don’t know what Pocky is, go buy some right now.  It can be hard to find in cities without a store selling Chinese or Japanese goods.  However, once you find a place that sells them I can guarantee you that you’ll be going back for more.

There are dozens of different Pocky flavors, starting from the most basic flavors to the most extravagant.

On the simple end of things is Pocky Red.  Sort of like the ’Marlboro’ of Pocky snacks, the Pocky Red is just a biscuit dipped in milk chocolate.  For the more intense of you, there’s Men’s Pocky.  This is simply the standard Pocky but with dark chocolate.

Another mainstay of Pocky is the strawberry Pocky.  This flavor utilizes a pink strawberry flavored chocolate.

Popular variations of the standard Pocky usually involve adding either coconut or almonds to the mix.

In the higher end of Pocky there is the Decorer and Mousse lines.  Decorer Pocky uses a thicker biscuit and multiple icing glazes.  Mousse Pocky offers chocolate and strawberry variations of mousse coatings.

There’s also Pocky G and Pocky Reverse, for the more alternative lifestyle.  Pocky G is a hard chocolate biscuit covered in dark chocolate, while Pocky Reverse is chocolate filling wrapped in a biscuit (what will they think of next?).

Truly, Pocky is the ultimate in biscuit/chocolate snacks.  It’s lightweight, portable, and tasty on its own or with a drink.