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Chocolate Bites

Chocolate is the king of candies.  Half of all adults in the United States prefer chocolate over anything else.  The need for a bite-sized chocolate is not a new trend.  In fact, chocolate has been enjoyed in smaller portions since the discovery of the cacao tree in the 1500’s by the Spanish.  The new push for bite-sized chocolate bites is mainly the result of health concerns.

The craze for chocolate in America began in 1765 when a New England chocolate factory opened up.  This was a hundred years later than production throughout Europe.  It wasn’t until 1847 that cocoa butter was mixed with sugar and cocoa powder to make that the kind of solid chocolate we’re familiar with today. 

With our mass media and weight-centric culture, more and more consumers are turning away from massive chocolate and candy bars.  The era of gorging oneself immediately with a big bar is not entirely over, but if the market has anything say in the matter, bite-sized is the new fad.

There are several advantages to a bite-sized chocolate snack.  For the consumer, it’s easier to eat a few bits here and there.  With a chocolate bar, you’re stuck with the choice of eating it all at once or leaving the bar to sit out in the open since the package is torn.  Most bite-sized snacks have seals or boxes to help maintain freshness throughout the day.

Most original chocolate snacks were of smaller portions.  Things like chocolate covered nuts and fruits, along with chocolate covered mints and caramels, have been around since the beginning.  Another development involved using different casts to create breakable chocolate bars that could snap off into bite-sized pieces.

Today, many chocolate bar brands also have a ’bite-sized’ version that features the same ingredients mixed into small balls.  These tend not to have the same texture and taste that the chocolate bars have, but the smaller portions are a delightful way to enjoy the chocolate all day long.

Chocolate bites have also been a mainstay of Halloween treats.  In fact, Halloween is the biggest candy-selling time of the year, and every major manufacturer offers small treat-sized chocolate bars and chocolate bites in small boxes.

With increased awareness of health issues in the media today, bite-sized chocolates are here to stay.  All you need to do is visit your local convenience store or grocery market.