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Welcome to the grand finale of our snacks section.  We’re going to blow things out with a bang with our writer’s picks for both salty and sweet snacks.

Bear in mind that we are not affiliated with any of these companies that make the products we’re about to mention.  We are simply snack enthusiasts who have tried many things and settled on the cream of our crop.

Sweet Snacks

Writer’s Pick: Pocky

This will no doubt stoke some controversy amongst you die hard chocolate bar fans, but the fact remains that Pocky is one of the most innovative snacks developed in the last 50 years.  The sheer variety of flavors is staggering.  Whatever you sweet-tooth desires, Pocky has it.  It’s not the easiest snack to get, so it loses some points for convenience.  However, the simplistic model of a small biscuit stick coated with chocolate icing is rather genius.

Runner Up: Crunch Bar

This elegant mix of milk chocolate and rice crisps deserves the runner-up award for best sweet snack.  The bar is quite thin, so you can’t possibly gorge yourself on this or feel bad about eating the entire thing.  That crunchy texture is also unique in the world of sweets.  It combines a light crunch with a sumptuous soft chocolate.  Two thumbs up.

Salty Snacks

Writer’s Pick: Combos

We can’t get enough of combos in the office.  They’re great for popping in your mouth and ultra-tasty to boot.  Though not the most healthy of snacks, they sure pack a punch and a crunch when you need it most.  The original cracker with cheese flavor is still our favorite.  The pizza and pretzel flavors are great additions to the line but ultimately just a distraction from our ultimate craving.  The small bags are also portioned perfectly to give you that taste sensation without the gut rot.

Runner Up: Doritos Guacamole Tortilla Chips

These Doritos taste extremely synthetic, and yet they are totally irresistible.  Unfortunately the flavoring leaves an odd taste in your mouth for quite some time.  That’s the only reason why these chips were the runner up for us—that, and the fact that it’s hard to resist eating them constantly.