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Have you ever thought about how you could possibly maximize your snacking experience?  Though it may seem a matter of grave inconsequence, having the right snacking technique can lead to an extremely satisfying life!

You are what you eat.  That's a saying that's as old as time.  Common wisdom dictates that you should grab three square meals a day.  In our fast-paced times, however, we can't always eat whenever we want.  That's where a snack can make all the difference.  The right snack at the right time can set your day on track, but choose poorly and you could very well ruin it!


In life, timing is everything.  With snacks it's the same.  You should never have a snack if you're about to eat.  Like your mother told you, it will spoil your appetite!  If you still insist, then at least give yourself an hour before you eat the real meal.  This will help digest some of the food so that you will be able to eat all that you require later on.  However, take note that if you haven't eaten all day, then it's not necessarily a good idea to have a snack to tide you off until a meal comes.  That's because a snack will cause your stomach to shrink and you won't have the capacity to eat as much when the full meal comes.


Bear in mind that the whole concept of snacking involves NOT eating as much as you would at a meal.  You should never, ever, stuff yourself silly on snack food.  First of all, it's not nutritious at all.  Second, it could make you sick.  Of course, we all like to binge once in a while and that's all well and good.  There's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.  The problems arise when you do it all the time.

The best policy for snacking is to just take it easy.  A bag of chips and a can of pop would probably do the trick until you eat later.  Or, if you've had a meal and still don't feel satisfied, you should eat a snack slowly because your eyes are inevitably bigger than your stomach!


Believe it or not, location makes a huge difference to your snack experience.  If you're the working type, why go to the trouble of obtaining a snack only to return to work?  While it may be necessary if you're pressed against a deadline, you should always try to make time to enjoy a snack outside or elsewhere in the building.  Finding a quiet corner only a few minutes away could drastically improve your outlook on the day, especially with a chocolate bar in hand!

There are many more nuances that you'll pick up over time.  The point is: think about maximizing your snack experience.  Good things come in small packages.