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Nicole Richie Serves Hard Time for 82 Minutes

From poster girl of young Hollywood starlets partying out of control to a woman getting ready to abandon  The Simple Life and embrace family values, it’s been a startling new chapter being written out in the nicole richie biography. The adopted daughter of legendary 1980s pop icon, Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie has had a tumultuous time in the public spotlight. Rocketing to fame by pairing up with long time friend, Paris Hilton in a reality TV show that poked fun of their wealthy background, nicole richie and paris hilton went from relative unknowns to international superstars. While their work on The Simple Life is somewhat dubious, paris hilton and nicole richie seemed like the perfect celebrities for today’s fast-paced and unrepentantly superficial society. Tabloids wrote stories that focused solely on nicole richie hairstyles and couldn’t help but focus on how fabulous the lifestyle of nicole richie and paris hilton must be – after all, the two were young, somewhat pretty, rich and knew where all of the best parties were. Of course, there’s something that everybody in their twenties has to learn – the point in the night where they should stop partying. Much like the vast majority of people in her age group, Richie had some trouble knowing at what point of the night she should stop. In 2003, the police found her stoned, possessing heroin and driving with a suspended license. Somehow with this combination of crimes, Nicole Richie managed to avoid jail time. Fast forward three years later and Richie ran afoul of the law again. The day was December 11 and there was the strange sight of a SUV driving down the wrong way of the freeway. As it turned out, the driver was Richie and when police discovered her they found that she was stoned and again driving with a suspended license. This led to he arrest and many media pundits publicly wondering if she could turn her life around. Back to the present and it’s amazing looking at Nicole Richie’s startling transformation. At the time of her arrest, the last thing that people could’ve expected was in a few months they would be asking the question is nicole richie pregnant. The answer was yes and nicole richie pregnant can be attributed to her relationship with good charlotte joel madden. The front man of the pop punk group and a man that spent years in a relationship with teen pop/entrepreneur and lover of ‘stuff’ Hillary Duff. Take a listen to any good charlotte mp3 and read through good charlotte lyrics and the last thing that you would expect would be that their singer Joel Madden would provide such light in another person’s world. However, it seems like teenage girls and boys throughout the world that have good charlotte wallpaper on their conmputer and recite good charlotte music lyrics from memory aren’t the only people that Madden is able to make happy. Although the good charlotte frontman has been able to help turn Richie’s life around, there’s one thing he can’t do – turn back that time. On August 23, nicole richie entered jail ready to serve her four day sentence for her DUI charge. Eighty-two minutes later and not a second spent in a jail cell, nicole richie was released from jail due to jail overcrowding. Non-celebrities around the world are appalled although even more disappointed is nicole richie and joel madden’s unborn child who could’ve been the coolest kid in the hospital if it had served a bit of jail time. How cool would that have been?