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Britney Spears Makes Wise Decisions

It would be an understatement to say that Britney Spears has had a rough year. In addition to her divorce to second husband, Kevin “K-Fed” Federline and the upcoming custody battle she is going to wage over their two children, Spears has taken a massive hit in public opinion. Her erratic behavior appearing at clubs and changing clothing with strangers and the number of britney spears oops pics that displayed the mother of two passed out after a night of partying flashing her goodies has made it very likely that she would lose custody to her unemployed ex-husband. Even celebrity friendly magazine OK! Magazine has gotten into the act and wrote a lengthy story about Spears’ strange behavior during an attempted photo shoot and interview.
Through it all, many people have wondered how Britney Spears could possibly make a musical comeback. It really is a testament to how quickly the world moves. Just seven years ago, Britney Spears was the biggest music star in the world. People throughout the world diligently listened to the latest britney spears mp3 when they first came out and people drooled over every britney spears video. The girl who brought an undeniable sex appeal to the teen pop and was the subject of racy but innocent britney spears pics has seen her spot on top of the music world taken by several of her peers including her ex-boyfriend – Justin Timberlake. While people are bewildered and even disgusted by britney spears toxic behavior in recent years, justin timberlake is the man with the golden touch. Along computer screens throughout the world are justin timberlake wallpapers and people actively seek out a gallery of justin timberlake pictures in the same way that they used to for Britney Spears. Successfully making the transition from teen pop star to respected adult musician, any justin timberlake mp3 is wildly successful and it’s official justin timberlake is the current king of pop. His pairing with super producer Timbaland who has pioneered beats programming timbaland style that have bolstered the careers of Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Aaliyah and countless others has made both Timberlake and Timbaland massive stars.
However, if you looked at how the solo success of justin timberlake was born you can see that it is directly related to the end of his relationship to Britney Spears. Before the babies, divorces, quickie marriages, and acts that scream desperate pleas for help, Britney Spears was the sexy but virginal teen pop star that excited the boys but was a role model for girls. However, Justin Timberlake quickly blew that perception up by publicly stating that he had taken Spears’ virginity and blamed her infidelities for breaking up their relationship. The justin timberlake lyrics for Cry Me A River and the accompanying video was among the most popular songs timbaland produced.
However, the song was a cruel reproach of Spears and in many ways, Timberlake built his career out of trashing his ex-girlfriend. Maybe it was a bit of penance on his part in trashing his ex but it seemed that Justin Timberlake had written a song specifically for Britney Spears. While justin timberlake lyrics are ok, when they are paired with the production of timbaland, somehow it comes of as magic. With Timbaland bigger than ever with a successful solo album that is full of funky timbaland mp3 tracks, it seemed like a surefire way to make a comeback. However, it turned out that after agreeing to do the song with Timberlake (who was even going to duet on it) that Britney Spears pulled out unexpectedly. Although her record label is reportedly furious with Spears’ decision and many wonder if Spears blew a sure thing, people forget that the last Britney Spears’ album was a smashing success. Despite making poor personal decisions, so far Spears has yet to make a bad musical decision, although who really knows anymore with that girl.