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Amy Winehouse Says Yes Yes Yes to Rehab

“They tried to make me go to rehab and I said, no no no!” - amy winehouse rehab lyrics What a strange year for British soul singer, Amy Winehouse. The petite 23 year old has managed to do something completely unexpected and almost unprecedented – translate her British success to America despite the absolute lack of a similar musical artist that she could be paired up with. In this day and age there are so many new musical styles developing that very few people could’ve predicted that a woman that sings songs that echo classic Motown and girl group R&B would achieve massive success. However, the numbers don’t like. Amy Winehouse’s sophomore album, Back to Basics has been a huge international hit – topping the charts in four countries and selling over a million copies in America. Buoyed by infectious hits like Rehab and You Know I’m Not Good and a bad girl image that has made her immensely popular with teens, amy winehouse seems poised to be on the fast track to fame.
However, there’s something awfully prophetic in amy winehouse lyrics and you don’t have to listen to an amy winehouse mp3 to understand that something was going to have change in her life. Recent amy winehouse pics show a wild girl that may be having too much fun on the party scene. Additionally, her tumultuous relationship with her new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil often lead to amy winehouse pictures of the two in full on party mode. Although her petulant bad girl image helped bolster the singer’s appeal, it seems like that the singer that boasted she wouldn’t go to rehab will be going to rehab with her husband. During a trip back to London, it seems that amy winehouse and her husband went on a little bit of a bender. As Winehouse told the News of the World, she and her husband indulged in a mixture of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, whiskey and vodka. This pace eventually caught up to amy winehouse as on August 8, she had to be treated at a hospital after a drug overdose.
Eventually, the petulant couple agreed to go to rehab after a tense family meeting in which their in-laws nearly came to blows. Of course things can never be simple when dealing with young female celebrities. While Amy Winehouse and her husband did check into rehab on August 14, she left after just a couple of days. However the couple have returned to a rehab center in Essex where they can hopefully meet their demons head on. Although this is probably the best news for Amy Winehouse, it’s kind of a bummer for her fans. While tickets for an amy winehouse concert are still in hot demand, if you’re hoping to see amy winehouse on tour in the next couple of weeks, you’re out of late. This is because all amy winehouse gigs in the next couple of weeks have been cancelled due to amy winehouse rehab stint. Sure this is a bummer for many of her fans, but really all Amy Winehouse fans should be doing is chanting, “rehab amy winehouse, rehab!”