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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is probably the most popular Mexican actress for international audiences. Salma Hayek has worked in both North American and Spanish language film and television. The breakout hit for salma hayek with American audiences was the 1995 film Desperado. For salma hayek desperado meant a Hollywood career that has only continued to grow. Salma Hayek is known as a smart, powerful, and sexy Latino woman and has done great work with charity, as well as starting her own production company. Salma Hayek is an inspiration not only to Latino women but also to all women, as salma hayek has proved to be a great businesswoman, while retaining her sense of humour and her sexy and sassy attitude. Salma Hayek constantly returns to her routes in Mexican film and television. This past year salma hayek adapted the television show Ugly Betty from a similar series on Mexican television and continues to executive produce the show. Ugly Betty is one of the best new shows on television and we can thank salma hayek for bringing it to North America. For salma hayek desperado was a success because it gave her the start she needed in Hollywood. The director of Desperado, Robert Rodriguez, cast salma hayek even though her only credits before Desperado were on Mexican television. Antonio Banderas plays the male lead in Desperado.
The Antonio Banderas salma hayek desperado pairing was a hit in itself, as these were two actors who could only be described as sexy. The salma hayek desperado role allowed Salma Hayek to break onto North American screens with a big bang. Salma Hayek would reprise the salma hayek desperado role in the last of the Mariachi trilogy, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Desperado did not do very well with the critics but it was a hit at the box office. If you want to see salma hayek desperado photos, they are very easy to find in an online salma hayek gallery. In fact, salma hayek desperado photos are a popular salma hayek wallpaper for computers. Hollywood and audiences quickly noticed Salma Hayek after her role in Desperado. Salma Hayek was cast in Robert Rodriguez’s next film, From Dusk Til Dawn, as a stripper who morphs into a vampire.
The role salma hayek played in From Dusk Til Dawn was brief but if you ask anyone who saw that film they will certainly remember it. In From Dusk Til Dawn salma hayek does a strip tease with a snake for the Quentin Tarantino character in a bar full of bikers and then bites him in the neck. The reputation of salma hayek as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood was quickly growing. If you would like to see movie stills from the strip tease scene in From Dusk Til Dawn, a salma hayek gallery will certainly feature these. This salma hayek scene has made for another popular type of salma hayek wallpaper. After roles in Wild Wild West, Dogma, and a few Spanish language features, Salma Hayek co-produced and starred in Frida. For salma hayek frida meant critical acclaim, an Academy Award nomination, and most importantly a chance to make the movie she had always wanted to make. Frida was a huge success with the critics and art house audiences. The salma hayek frida presents to us is not the overtly sexy Salma Hayek we had seen in other films. In Frida, Salma Hayek dresses the part of the Mexican artist down to the unibrow. Frida pushed the career of salma hayek into new territory. The salma hayek frida role gave Salma Hayek the credibility and critical acclaim as an actress that she had so far only received for her Spanish-language roles. Frida marked a turning point in the career of salma hayek and it seems that salma hayek has never turned back. The salma hayek frida role was presented with such dignity and grace. Salma Hayek proved to North American audiences that she was far more than just sex appeal and that she was a woman to be reckoned with. While salma hayek was filming Frida, she was dating Edward Norton. Edward Norton even had a small role opposite salma hayek frida. The Salma Hayek and Edward Norton relationship lasted over four years but the couple broke up in 2003. Apparently salma hayek loved the media and critical attention too much for Edward Norton’s taste. Whatever the case may be, the salma hayek and Edward Norton photos were no longer the hit of the salma hayek gallery. Now the big Salma Hayek news is salma hayek pregnant. In March of this year salma hayek pregnant was announced.
Apparently there was speculation over salma hayek pregnant when a photo revealed a tummy bump. You can probably find the salma hayek pregnant photos in a salma hayek gallery but please do not use them as salma hayek wallpaper because that’s just creepy. Of course, the big question when hearing salma hayek pregnant is who is the father? The father of the Salma Hayek baby is CEO and multi-millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. Even more of a shock to me than hearing salma hayek pregnant was that Salma Hayek is forty. Salma Hayek looks amazing at forty. If you look at a salma hayek gallery, it is hard to believe she has even aged. While I’m not running out and downloading salma hayek wallpaper anytime soon, I really am blown away by how salma hayek has managed to build a great career for herself, not only as an actress but as a businesswoman, is now building a family, and has retained all of her sex appeal and fiery attitude. More than this, Salma Hayek only produces socially conscious film and television. Ugly Betty is the first television show in a long time to send a positive message to young girls and it is due to salma hayek that American audiences are even able to watch this. Salma Hayek is a very successful woman and one of the best role models around today for any young girl wanting to enter the entertainment industry.