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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been a popular film actress since she was a teenager. It was the role natalie portman played in the newer star wars movies that made natalie portman a household name. Another popular film for natalie portman closer got natalie portman her first Academy Award nomination. Now Natalie Portman is in high demand and appears in high profile films. Natalie Portman is part of the Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Scarlet Johansson crowd and all four of these actresses are fairly interchangeable and could play each otherís roles just as easily. It was the young natalie portman in films like Anywhere But Here, Where the Heart Is, Beautiful Girls, and even Mars Attacks! who has a lasting charm and appeal. Now natalie portman is a much less interesting actress and seems to be most popular online for natalie portman wallpaper and natalie portman photos. Natalie Portman certainly has a Hollywood career ahead of her but natalie portman is no Nicole Kidman and it will be interesting to see if natalie portman lasts. Natalie Portman started acting on stage and in films at the age of thirteen. In Beautiful Girls, natalie portman plays a fourteen-year-old girl, mature for her age, who becomes an object of forbidden attraction for a much older man. In Where the Heart Is, natalie portman plays a pregnant teenage girl who lives and gives birth to her baby in a Wal Mart in small town America. In Anywhere But Here, natalie portman plays the teenage daughter of a single mom who moves to L.A. Anywhere But Here actually won natalie portman her first Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. The second Golden Globe win for Natalie Portman in the same category would be natalie portman closer. Natalie Portman chose to break from acting, besides the star wars movies, to study psychology at Harvard University. Natalie Portman lived in the dorms while she was at Harvard. Natalie Portman received her degree from Harvard University in 2003. The role of Princess Amadala in star wars was offered to natalie portman and Natalie Portman acted in all three of the recent star wars movies. The star wars movies brought natalie portman great fame, as star wars was a popular movie franchise since the 1970s. During filming of the star wars movies, Natalie Portman was still studying at Harvard. In the star wars movies, natalie portman is covered with make-up and has a very weird hairstyle. If you look at a natalie portman gallery, you will find many pictures of Natalie Portman in star wars. The star wars movies converted legions of star wars fans to natalie portman fans. If it werenít for the star wars movies, natalie portman would probably be a much smaller star. While the star wars movies were panned by a lot of critics, and frankly for good reason, the natalie portman role in star wars was not really discussed either way. In star wars, under that heavy hair and make-up, natalie portman is really little more than an attractive prop because star wars is really all about the special effects. The next high profile Natalie Portman movie was natalie portman closer. For natalie portman closer meant another Golden Globe and a lot of attention from critics. Critics thought natalie portman closer was one of her best roles. While natalie portman closer actually did a pretty decent job in her role, the natalie portman closer role is pretty unlikeable. For natalie portman closer meant a chance to break away from the basic good girl roles. The natalie portman closer role not only required sex scenes but also required Natalie Portman to play a stripper. For natalie portman closer was a step outside her comfort zone. Any natalie portman gallery will probably feature stills from natalie portman closer, as natalie portman closer was a huge hit, especially with men. If you are looking for stills from natalie portman closer you are in the wrong place but try typing natalie portman closer into a search for a natalie portman gallery and you should find a lot of pictures. Many people search online for a natalie portman gallery. A natalie portman gallery will features pictures such as natalie portman sunbathing, natalie portman legs, and natalie portman wallpaper, as well as Natalie Portman movie stills. A natalie portman gallery will range from official movie pictures, like those of natalie portman closer or star wars, to paparazzi pictures like those of natalie portman sunbathing. The paparazzi pictures of natalie portman sunbathing are particularly popular, as are those featuring natalie portman legs. Natalie portman has never done nude scenes, however, and a natalie portman gallery will not show anything more risque than natalie portman sunbathing or natalie portman legs. If you are looking for natalie portman wallpaper for your desktop, you should keep trying to search a natalie portman gallery. If you are looking for natalie portman wallpaper featuring natalie portman sunbathing or natalie portman legs, you should really have no problem finding this type of natalie portman gallery online. Many Natalie Portman fan sites will feature a natalie portman gallery, and often these sites will have a specific natalie portman gallery just for natalie portman wallpaper. The tabloid pictures of natalie portman sunbathing and the promotional stills of natalie portman legs are just some examples of popular natalie portman wallpaper. The one place Natalie Portman has received consistently good critical attention is her work on the stage. At only twenty-six years old, natalie portman has starred in numerous plays on the New York and London stages. Natalie Portman is also known as a follower of Marc Jacobs. Perhaps natalie portman will go the route of Winona Ryder and combine quirky films with Hollywood movies. Either way natalie portman is a decent actress and a permanent figure on the red carpet. Natalie Portman has even balanced her acting career with getting her degree. Still, I canít help but wonder if Natalie Portmanís best days are behind her and all we can expect to see now are movies that try a little too hard to be offbeat.