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Halle Berry

Halle Berry was one of the most popular Hollywood actresses in the early 2000s with her hits in monsters ball and x men. At the Academy Awards in 2002, halle berry monsters ball won Best Actress, making halle berry the first and only African-American woman to ever win the Best Actress category. Halle Berry has been a name on the Hollywood scene since her break-through role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever in 1991 but it was not until the blockbusters swordfish, x men, and monsters ball that halle berry became a household name. Halle Berry has also become a symbol of beauty for both men and women. As a spokeswoman for Revlon cosmetics and Versace, halle berry has associated her name with women’s fashion and class. Through her sexy roles and nude scenes in swordfish and monsters ball, halle berry has become a major sex symbol for men. If you look at a halle berry gallery, you will find two distinct halle berry looks. Any halle berry gallery will probably feature the classy halle berry monsters ball Academy Awards look, as well as the sexy halle berry in swordfish bare-all looks. Halle Berry began her career as a beauty queen. A halle berry gallery will probably feature pictures of halle berry from her pageant days. Halle Berry almost won Miss USA and was sixth runner-up in Miss World. Halle Berry has always been associated with beauty. Halle Berry has a very exotic look due to her mixed race descent and halle berry has marketed this beauty well. While Halle Berry started in small roles for television, her break-through dramatic role was as a drug addict in Jungle Fever. The halle berry monsters ball dramatic actress has her roots in films like Jungle Fever and Losing Isaiah. In these films, halle berry plays women with rough pasts who are just trying to survive. Halle Berry has always mixed the drama with the sexy halle berry, as seen by her role in the Flintstones movie in the early 1990s. When halle berry was cast as Storm in x men, her popularity soared.
The popular comic book x men was one of the most talked about movies in the early 2000s. In her role in x men, halle berry got to shine as both a dramatic actress and an action hero. In x men, halle berry plays Storm, the mutant who can create lightning bolts, wind, and thunder storms. Everyone predicted x men to be one of the biggest hits of the summer and it did not disappoint. For fans of x men, Halle Berry was great in her role. Yet in x men, halle berry was certainly not the only sex symbol of the cast. Famke Janssen and Rebecca Romijn also starred in x men as mutants. In x men, halle berry actually downplayed her sex symbol status. Still, photos from x men in a halle berry gallery are still very popular with men and x men helped boost halle berry’s exposure. While x men marked the first time Halle Berry would star alongside Hugh Jackman in a major feature film, this soon happened again with swordfish. The role of halle berry in swordfish is as a double-crossing sexy woman who may be an agent or may be one of the bad guys. While swordfish was not a critical or box office success, halle berry in swordfish certainly was a hit. Probably the most infamous scene of halle berry in swordfish is that with Halle Berry topless. Hugh Jackman finds halle berry sunbathing topless and this halle berry in swordfish shot quickly became infamous. Any halle berry gallery online will probably have one of these swordfish photo stills. While swordfish did little to boost the reputation of halle berry as a serious dramatic actress, it certainly did boost the reputation of Halle Berry as a sex symbol. The topless halle berry in swordfish scene and swordfish in general became points in the career of halle berry over which she is constantly mocked. Yet the sheer popularity of this swordfish scene granted halle berry even more exposure. And this swordfish scene would be nothing in comparison to halle berry monsters ball. Any halle berry gallery online will probably also have some halle berry monsters ball pictures of the infamous sex scene between billy bob thorton and halle berry. In monsters ball, billy bob thorton and halle berry play a tragic couple.
For halle berry monsters ball was another film in which she plays a woman with a tragic past. In monsters ball, halle berry plays a woman whose husband was executed by lethal injection. Halle Berry begins seeing the executioner, Billy Bob Thorton, who comes from a very racist past. The race relations between the billy bob thorton and halle berry characters create a highly charged film that takes on both politics and passion. The violent and graphic sex scene between billy bob thorton and halle berry soon became legendary. The billy bob thorton and halle berry sex scene created the buzz for monsters ball but the film monsters ball deals with far heavier issues. Still, as many a halle berry gallery will show you, many halle berry monsters ball fans had trouble looking past this scene. When halle berry monsters ball won the Best Actress award in 2002, there were many rumours about the Oscars being politically biased, as Denzel Washington also won the Best Actor Award the same year. But halle berry proved her worth as a dramatic actress with monsters ball. And as a halle berry gallery may show you, Halle Berry looked incredible that night in an Oscar De La Renta gown. Since monsters ball, however, halle berry has had some trouble in her film career. With flops like Gothika and Catwoman, halle berry really needs another monsters ball to save her reputation. While Halle Berry continues to have success as a fashion icon and sex symbol, now that she is in her forties, halle berry needs to concentrate on reviving her career beyond the x men franchise.