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Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has been regarded as one of the best working actresses since she began her career in the 1970s. Beyond just the many meryl streep movies, meryl streep has also had a very successful theatre career. Meryl Streep holds the title of most Academy Award nominations for any actor (so far meryl streep has fourteen). It seems to be almost guaranteed that meryl streep movies will do well with both box office and audiences and last year’s the devil wears prada was no exception. While the first Meryl Streep Academy Award nomination came for her performance in the deer hunter, meryl streep did not win the award until one year later with Kramer vs. Kramer. The latest Meryl Streep Academy Award nomination was for her role as fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestley in the devil wears prada. What is amazing about meryl streep movies is that they cover a wide range of genres and yet Meryl Streep excels in every one. Soon Meryl Streep will even be starring in a musical, as meryl streep has just been signed on to play the lead role in Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep is a highly trained actress, which probably helps explain why meryl streep movies are so critically acclaimed. Meryl Streep attended Vassar College for her Bachelor of Arts, specializing in drama. Later, meryl streep achieved a Masters in performance arts from Yale University. With all this training, meryl streep began her career on the stage. Meryl Streep has the presence of a stage actress, even in her meryl streep movies. When meryl streep walks into a room in meryl streep movies like Death Becomes Her or the devil wears prada, the room just stops. It is this presence that meryl streep commands on stage and on screen that will make Meryl Streep a legendary actor for generations to come. In many ways, meryl streep seems to be our Bette Davis. Like Bette Davis, Meryl Streep has a uniquely beautiful look and a commanding presence that owns every one of the meryl streep movies. The breakthrough role for the film career of meryl streep was certainly the deer hunter. In the deer hunter, Meryl Streep played Linda. In the deer hunter, the meryl streep character at first is the girlfriend of the Christopher Walken character, Nick. After Nick is lost in Vietnam, meryl streep becomes the girlfriend of the Robert De Niro character, Mike. The deer hunter really was a great choice for a breakout role for Meryl Streep. The deer hunter placed meryl streep in a high profile and very talented ensemble cast of men and expected her to hold her own. Of course, meryl streep rose to the challenge and participated in making the deer hunter a classic. And in the very first of the meryl streep movies Meryl Streep managed to secure an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. While meryl streep did not win for the deer hunter, the deer hunter went on to win Best Picture and Meryl Streep certainly created a buzz as an actress. The years between the deer hunter and the present have resulted in many meryl streep movies, nearly one every year. These meryl streep movies range from classics to forgotten films. Meryl Streep won the Best Actress Oscar in the year following the deer hunter for her role in Kramer vs. Kramer as a divorce fighting for her child. Following that Academy Award win were the hit meryl streep movies of the 1980s, including The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sophie’s Choice, Out of Africa, and A Cry in the Dark. What is so amazing about the career of Meryl Streep is that she has never had a slump and none of the meryl streep movies are complete flops or embarrassments. The 1990s brought meryl streep movies like Postcards from the Edge, Death Becomes Her, Marvin’s Room, and Music of the Heart. Meryl Streep has fought not to be typecast through taking on a variety of roles in meryl streep movies but there is something about the presence of meryl streep that typecasts itself. When you are watching on of the meryl streep movies you are very aware that you are watching Meryl Streep and that you are watching a great actor. Of course, meryl streep bringing the typecasting of “great” to meryl streep movies really is not a bad thing but sometimes Meryl Streep can overshadow the rest of the film. This year, the hit Meryl Streep movie was the devil wears prada. In the devil wears prada, meryl streep excels as the cold, dignified, and very intelligent Miranda Priestly. Apparently the devil wears prada was based on an assistant’s experience working for Anna Wintour at Vogue and meryl streep pulls off the uncompromising, very busy and successful New York working woman perfectly. The meryl streep role in the devil wears prada allowed Meryl Streep to wear some fantastic outfits. Even the meryl streep hair in the devil wears prada was severe and perfect. Meryl Streep seemed to really enjoy her role in the devil wears prada. Even as we are watching meryl streep act coldly with tiny gestures that carry a lot of weight, we can tell Meryl Streep must have had a lot of fun playing such a powerful and intimidating woman. Meryl Streep was nominated for her fourteenth
for lead actress in the devil wears prada and won the Golden Globe for the role. Fans of meryl streep movies are generally women, as Meryl Streep tends to make a lot of romance films or films that deal with family drama. Especially in her films of the 1970s and 1980s, meryl streep speaks more to women than men. This may also be because Meryl Streep is beautiful but in a more unconventional way. The beauty of meryl streep comes more from her confidence and poise than perfect physical features. Despite her long career, which boasts so many meryl streep movies, I think my favourite is still Death Becomes Her. Meryl Streep actually really suits comedy and I’m glad there are more comedic meryl streep movies in the future with Mamma Mia!