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Edward Norton

Edward Norton has had a very successful career, only ever playing major roles in mostly critically acclaimed films. While edward norton is notoriously reclusive and rejects celebrity status, films like fight club, american history x, and rounders have made Edward Norton a very recognizable face with a solid fanbase. The only true publicity edward norton has received about his personal life was due to the edward norton and salma hayek relationship, as well as his relationship with Courtney Love. In fact, it has been speculated that the end of the edward norton and salma hayek relationship was due to Edward Norton hating the media attention that Salma Hayek loved. While edward norton is known as a very talented and successful dramatic actor, he is also a director and screenwriter.
Edward Norton wrote and directed his first film, Keeping the Faith, in 2000. Currently, edward norton is in Toronto shooting The Incredible Hulk, which he also helped write. Though edward norton may be a surprising choice for a superhero, Edward Norton has surprised us all before. While Primal Fear was the first movie in which edward norton impressed audiences with his skill at playing a deranged character, it was in 1998 with two indie hits, american history x and rounders, that Edward Norton really made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with. In rounders, edward norton plays opposite Matt Damon as his best friend and worst influence. The film rounders centres around an underground high stakes poker world in which Edward Norton wants to win a lot of money using his friend’s skills. Audiences loved rounders and the film quickly gained a cult following. For the promotion of rounders, edward norton and Matt Damon went to the 1998 World Series of Poker and Miramax bought them into the game. The movies rounders continued to secure the reputation of Edward Norton as a tough guy actor. This tough reputation was surprising if you just looked at edward norton. Because of his thin frame, blonde hair, and blue eyes Edward Norton looks more like a choir boy than a tough guy but edward norton has certainly proved that he has no physical limitations when it comes to embodying the character.
For edward norton, it is the psychological aspects of the character that make him tough. That being said, in american history x Edward Norton bulked up his frame and physically suited his role as a neo-Nazi gang leader. The film american history x was an immediate hit with indie film audiences and secured the reputation of edward norton as one of the best up and coming actors to hit the screens in years. In american history x, Edward Norton plays teenager Edward Furlong’s older brother. When edward norton returns from jail in american history x to find that his little brother is on the same path to prison with his gang activities, Edward Norton sits him down and tells him the truth about what he learned from prison. The movie american history x is violent, gritty, shocking, and very well done. The performance edward norton gives in american history x earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. In fact, american history x may be the best performance in the career of Edward Norton, except for the possible exception of fight club. The film fight club is perhaps the most famous edward norton movie. Directed by David Fincher, fight club was a sensation and continues to maintain a very hardcore fanbase who feed off of edward norton scenes and fight club quotes.
In fight club, Edward Norton plays a man who is depressed and lives a very bland existence where he is hardly noticed by anybody. The edward norton fight club character even starts to go to support groups for diseases he doesn’t have just so people will care for him. The major change for Edward Norton in fight club occurs when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) on a plane and, after a mysterious incident in which Edward Norton finds his own apartment burnt down, moves in with him. The most popular fight club quotes deal with how men are treated in the world today. Probably one of the most popular fight club quotes states that men are raised in a world of women and it has emasculated then. While fight club is actually ironic in the way that men take back their world through primitive fighting and blame the crap they receive in day to day life on women, these fight club quotes have often been taken out of context and used to either accuse fight club of sexism or to support sexist theories. If you want to find fight club quotes, they are easy to find by typing fight club quotes into a search engine.
Edward Norton excelled in fight club, playing a man who is really just fighting with himself and a postmodern world he does not understand. The edward norton and salma hayek relationship lasted from 1999 to 2003. Since 2003, when edward norton and salma hayek broke up, there have been rumours about an edward norton and salma hayek reconciliation. At this point, however, it seems unlikely that there will be an edward norton and salma hayek reconciliation. At the time of the edward norton and salma hayek relationship however, edward norton and salma hayek were a favourite red carpet couple. While edward norton and salma hayek looked like complete opposites, as Edward Norton was tall and fair and Salma Hayek was small and dark, both edward norton and salma hayek had an intelligent dignity to their presence. Since the edward norton and salma hayek relationship ended, Edward Norton has been reported to date Helen Christensen, a former supermodel. Edward Norton has also had a highly publicized relationship with Courtney Love in the 1990s. Now, however, edward norton has managed to remain outside the spotlight for the most part. The only time Edward Norton really appears in celebrity and film magazines now seems to be when they announce his next film.