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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert became one of the most popular figures on American television with his show the colbert report, which launched in 2005. The stephen colbert show colbert report is a spin-off of the daily show. Stephen Colbert was a daily show correspondent before he launched the colbert report and the daily show and colbert report complement each other as left and right wing political satires, respectively. The steven colbert colbert report character is a right-wing overly opinionated pundit who doesn’t waste time with technicalities like facts or listening to other people. This stephen colbert is obviously a character played by the actor Stephen Colbert. The steven colbert character has proved so popular, however, that stephen colbert was voted one of the one hundred most influential people of 2006 by Time magazine.
Though stephen colbert no longer appears as a daily show correspondent, the daily show always ends with a check-in to Stephen Colbert at the colbert report. Before steven colbert began working at the daily show, he worked on other sketch comedy shows like The Dana Carvey Show and Strangers with Candy. Stephen Colbert actually even returned to Strangers with Candy for the 2006 film, which stephen colbert promoted on the colbert report. Stephen Colbert also did comical correspondent spots for Good Morning America. It was these steven colbert correspondent spots that caught the attention of the daily show. In fact, stephen colbert became a daily show correspondent before Jon Stewart even began hosting the daily show. When steven colbert first started on the daily show, his Stephen Colbert daily show correspondent character was not developed and he was referred to as the new guy. It was when Jon Stewart took over as daily show host that the talents of steven colbert were recognized and Stephen Colbert quickly became one of the most popular daily show correspondents.
The character stephen colbert developed for the colbert report came from his Stephen Colbert daily show correspondent character. On the daily show, steven colbert would often do a correspondent segment “on location” (in front of a daily show green screen). In these daily show correspondent segments, stephen colbert would play a reporter who did not really know what was going on but still refused to listen to any facts. These character traits of the steven colbert daily show correspondent would be passed to the Stephen Colbert colbert report host. Another popular daily show segment starring stephen colbert was “Even Steven”. In “Even Steven”, Stephen Colbert would debate Steve Carrell. The steven colbert and Steve Carrell debates would turn into loud, funny fighting matches. Stephen Colbert was also known for his daily show segment “This Week in God”, in which stephen colbert would look at religious news using a “God Machine”. Stephen Colbert and the colbert report work as a satirical opponent to the daily show. On the colbert report, stephen colbert plays an ignorant right-wing television host whose lack of facts and strength of opinions are obviously meant to be ironic. The colbert report works in many ways like the daily show in terms of format. Stephen Colbert’s colbert report begins with an introduction by steven colbert, followed by the popular colbert report segment “The Word”. In “The Word”, stephen colbert offers a rant while an unseen narrator mocks him through titles on the screen.
The colbert report often features an on location segment, such as the popular “Better Know a District” series in which stephen colbert talks to local politicians about their district. While these aspects of the colbert report are usually very funny, the Stephen colbert colbert report interviews are not the strongest point of the show. Unlike the daily show, in which the interviews are often humorous but still let the interviewee speak, the colbert report interviews are still really Stephen Colbert’s time to shine and the interviewee is lucky to get a word in at all. Another thing stephen colbert is notorious for is his goal to have his name honoured in as many ways as possible. For example, steven colbert asked colbert report viewers to vote for the name of a Ukranian bridge to be named after him and the colbert report viewers succeeded. Now stephen colbert is a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour with colbert ice cream. The colbert ice cream is called Americone Dream. The colbert ice cream consists of vanilla, chocolate covered waffle cone, and caramel. The colbert ice cream features a picture of Stephen Colbert and an eagle on its packaging. Stephen Colbert offered a statement for colbert ice cream in which he insisted colbert ice cream was necessary in a world where desserts had become far too liberal. The colbert ice cream looks delicious and is certainly another testament to the popularity of steven colbert. The stephen colbert colbert nation is how Stephen Colbert refers to his fans and the website dedicated to the colbert report.
The colbert nation features blogs, merchandise, and steven colbert colbert report clips. Through the colbert nation site you can catch up with stephen colbert and colbert report news. Stephen Colbert does not directly run the colbert nation but colbert nation is constantly promoted on the colbert report. A major feature of colbert nation is the merchandise. The colbert nation merchandise includes colbert nation T-Shirts and other items branded with the colbert nation name. Recently the colbert nation site has taken to promoting the stephen colbert WristStrong campaign, a colbert report campaign to prevent wrist violence. Stephen Colbert and the colbert report have become so popular over the past two years that stephen colbert was even asked to speak at the White House in front of the president at the Whit House Press Correspondents Dinner. Perhaps the White House did not understand that the stephen colbert colbert report character is ironic because there was little laughter as Stephen Colbert roasted the president, the administration, and the press right in front of them. Still, the video of that stephen colbert roast has become very popular with colbert report fans and the colbert nation continues to grow.