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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has become a very popular television host and political satirist with his Comedy Central hit the daily show. Before the daily show, jon stewart did stand-up and hosted a variety of comedy shows for Comedy Central and MTV. While a popular stand-up comedian, jon stewart really hit his stride when he took over the daily show in 1999. Now, with nine daily show Emmys and a best seller under his belt, jon stewart and the daily show continue to rise in popularity. Jon Stewart even hosted the 2006 Academy Awards. While it seemed that the host routine jon stewart performed was significantly edited, Jon Stewart was still able to make a few great jokes, like when he commented that the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia had now won more Oscars than Martin Scorsese.
Jon Stewart is known for his left-wing political comedy and the daily show has received much criticism from the right. But jon stewart has done more than just mock conservative politics, he has taken them head on. Jon Stewart on Crossfire is one of the most popular Internet videos in circulation and even boosted daily show ratings. Before jon stewart made his name with the daily show, he began in stand-up comedy. Jon Stewart was a hit in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the New York Comedy clubs. These jon stewart performances led to a couple television hosting jobs with MTV and Comedy Central. Perhaps the most popular pre- daily show jon stewart gig was the Jon Stewart Show on MTV. The Jon Stewart Show was actually the first talk show ever aired on MTV. The Jon Stewart Show was well received by critics and audiences but was short lived. David Letterman was said to be a fan of the Jon Stewart show and was apparently considering jon stewart as a replacement host. After Craig Kilborn left the Comedy Central show the daily show to take over the Late Late Show, jon stewart came in as his replacement. Jon Stewart has now hosted the daily show since 1999.
The format of the daily show is like that of any other late night talk show, except that the daily show is only a half hour and has more of a political spin. When jon stewart took over the daily show, the popularity of the show rose quickly. The daily show always begins with a quick introduction by jon stewart, followed by clips from items in the news and more humorous commentary by Jon Stewart. Joining in on this commentary are usually daily show correspondents. Both Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert got their starts as daily show correspondents. After mocking what is in the news, jon stewart will often turn the show over to one of these daily show correspondents who does a brief filmed bit, usually on location. The last segment of the daily show is the guest portion. Unlike most late night talk shows that shy away from political guests, the daily show with jon stewart mixes celebrities with politicians, authors, and scientists. The guest aspect of the daily show is actually both informative and entertaining, depending on the night’s guest. Unlike Stephen Colbert in the Colbert Report, jon stewart is very respectful to his daily show guests and lets them explain themselves to the audience.
Jon Stewart makes a great daily show host. Jon Stewart is funny, charming, and very intelligent. Jon Stewart actually graduated third in his high school class. What makes jon stewart different from other late night talk show hosts is that jon stewart is very politically well informed. The audience of the jon stewart daily show does not just tune in for cheap laughs but rather to hear commentary on world events. Yes, the daily show with jon stewart is a comedy show and does exaggerate and sometimes even just make up events but everything presented on the daily show is based on real news. The daily show may not be the most reliable news source but the audience of the daily show are usually more politically aware than that of late night talk shows like Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno.
Jon Stewart and the daily show even cultivate a different audience than the Colbert Report. Though Stephen Colbert’s show runs just after the daily show and both follow a similar format, the daily show is far more intellectually based than the Report and jon stewart is a very different kind of host. While the daily show is certainly silly, jon stewart tends to ground that silliness in real issues. Stephen Colbert, on the other hand, has moved his daily show correspondent persona into a full-blown obnoxious talk show host where you hear less about issues and more about Colbert himself. One very memorable daily show will always be the return of the daily show after the attacks on September 11th. The daily show returned to air a week after the attack as everyone, including jon stewart, was still in shock. Rather than a comedy show, that night the daily show was a tribute, as jon stewart mused over what had happened a week earlier. Jon Stewart gave a tearful monologue about his feelings after the attack and the fear that was still gripping everybody. That night the daily show was very emotional.
Jon Stewart showed that the daily show had a lot of dignity and that episode of the daily show is certainly memorable for all who viewed it. If you are interested in watching the daily show response to September 11th, you can find the jon stewart monologue on the Comedy Central website. Jon Stewart has proved time and time again that the daily show is not just the silly talk show everyone thought it would be but rather the daily show is an actual forum to discuss current events. The daily show audience, along with jon stewart, wants change in terms of the way America and the media are being controlled. The daily show has a much greater political impact than other late night shows and this is due in no small part to Jon Stewart.