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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has become a popular comedy star with films like wedding crashers and zoolander. Besides these comedy hits, owen wilson is actually an acclaimed writer, often partnering with friend and director Wes Anderson for films like Bottle Rocket and the royal tennenbaums. These two aspects of the career of owen wilson have made the actor popular with both critics and audiences. Owen Wilson, along with his brother Luke Wilson, has been named a member of the Frat Pack by the media, as he often appears in popular comedies with actors like Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. When owen wilson works outside the popular Frat Pack comedies or the owen wilson- Wes Anderson films, his movies have been significantly less popular. Some of the less popular films owen wilson has appeared in include You, Me, & Dupree and The Big Bounce. Still, owen wilson remains a major star, with films like Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited to be released this year. Owen Wilson began his career as a writer and an actor with Bottle Rocket in 1996, co-written and directed by Wes Anderson. Bottle Rocket was an indie hit but it did not quite make owen wilson a star. Owen Wilson followed Bottle Rocket with smaller roles in films like Armageddon and The Haunting. It was the roles owen wilson played in Meet the Parents and Shanghai Noon that brought owen wilson credibility as a comedy actor. In Meet the Parents, owen wilson plays the perfect ex-boyfriend of Ben Stiller’s new fiancee. Owen Wilson plays Jackie Chan’s sidekick in the Western/action film Shanghai Noon. Owen Wilson would reprise this role in the sequel, Shanghai Knights. After gaining recognition and working with Ben Stiller, owen wilson became part of the Frat Pack, starring in films like Starsky & Hutch, Meet the Fockers, and Night at the Museum. The three major owen wilson films, however, are probably the royal tennenbaums, zoolander, and wedding crashers. While owen wilson played a smaller role in the royal tennenbaums onscreen, he also co-wrote the royal tennenbaums with Wes Anderson. In fact, the royal tennenbaums led to an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for both Owen Wilson and Anderson. The royal tennenbaums tells the story of a very dysfunctional family. The role owen wilson plays in the royal tennenbaums is that of a family childhood friend who has grown up to become a writer with a drug problem. The Owen Wilson character in the royal tennenbaums has always desperately wanted to be part of the tennenbaum family, even when he is an adult. The royal tennenbaums blew away both audiences and critics. The royal tennenbaums was filmed in a slow, poetic style, with every piece of the frame arranged in meticulous detail.
The DVD of the royal tennenbaums even comes with a map of the house of the tennenbaums, drawn by Andreson’s brother, which has every room detailed down to its props. Along with the royal tennenbaums, owen wilson also starred in Andreson’s less successful The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou as Bill Murray’s long-lost son. 2001 was a good year for Owen Wilson as he starred in two hit films: the royal tennenbaums and zoolander. In zoolander, owen wilson reunited with Ben Stiller to play the zoolander rival. Owen Wilson plays the model Hansel in zoolander. Owen Wilson as Hansel is known for his extreme modeling techniques, something that Derek zoolander cannot match. In the infamous zoolander walk-off, owen wilson and zoolander face off with increasingly outlandish runway walks. Owen Wilson finally defeats zoolander by pulling off his underwear without taking off his pants. Eventually owen wilson and zoolander realize that they are just insecure and soon owen wilson and zoolander have teamed up to save the Malaysian prime minister from assassination. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller show off their great comic chemistry in zoolander. Before zoolander and Meet the Parents, owen wilson and Ben Stiller had even worked together to make a television pilot with Jack Black called Heat Vision and Jack. While that show failed, owen wilson and Ben Stiller have been making movies like zoolander ever since. Perhaps even more popular than zoolander was the 2005 owen wilson hit wedding crashers. Owen Wilson teamed up with Vince Vaughn, whom he had previously worked with on Starsky & Hutch, to make the Frat Pack comedy wedding crashers. In wedding crashers, owen wilson plays one of two friends who crash weddings to sleep with women. Owen Wilson plays the slightly more softhearted of the two wedding crashers men. The owen wilson pick-up techniques in wedding crashers usually rely on owen wilson’s boyish charm and “aw shucks” attitude. So of course it is the Owen Wilson wedding crashers character that makes the mistake and falls for one of the girls he meets at the weddings. The first half of the film has owen wilson pursuing the girl, while the second half has owen wilson trying to win her back when she finds out about the wedding crashers scheme.
There is also a hilarious wedding crashers cameo by Will Ferrell, who plays a man that tells Owen Wilson you don’t just have to stop at weddings, funerals also work. The career of owen wilson is interesting, as he seems to be following two parallel and yet not entirely unrelated paths. On the one hand, Owen Wilson makes Frat Pack movies with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn like zoolander and wedding crashers, which are hugely successful at the box office. On the other, owen wilson makes poetic and beautiful comedy-dramas with Wes Anderson, in which owen wilson takes a more creative role in the writing of the screenplays, as well as acting in the films like the royal tennenbaums, which are successful with the critics. While these two paths rarely cross, Owen Wilson has proved to excel at both types of films. Even the films that owen wilson is currently making show that he is continuing to work in both fields. Next up for Owen Wilson is the Darjeeling Limited with Wes Anderson and Outsourced with Vince Vaughn.