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Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn has become a very popular comedic actor in the past ten years. Vince Vaughn broke onto the Hollywood scene with the 1996 indie hit swingers. After swingers, vince vaughn made a number of fairly forgettable films, both comedy and drama. But comedy is what vince vaughn does best and films like old school and wedding crashers have established Vince Vaughn as one of the Frat Pack. Vince Vaughn has a sizeable college aged audience who look forward to more movies like old school and Dodgeball. Though vince vaughn really struggled at the beginning of his career, swingers showed off the cocky attitude that would soon make vince vaughn a comedy star. Vince Vaughn has generally managed to stay out of the tabloids. Last year, however, vince vaughn dated the breakup co-star jennifer aniston shortly she had divorced from Brad Pitt. The relationship between Vince Vaughn and jennifer aniston stayed in the media spotlight for the year they were dating. Vince Vaughn will soon return to the screen with a Christmas movie called Fred Claus. Vince Vaughn met Jon Favreau, the writer of swingers, when he was filming a small role in Rudy. Jon Favreau and Doug Liman raised the small production budget for swingers and cast vince vaughn as the supporting male lead. Vince Vaughn plays the lead character of swingers, Mike’s, best friend. In swingers, vince vaughn is trying to help Mike (Jon Favreau) get over an ex-girlfriend. Vince Vaughn plays the “cool” guy in swingers who gives Mike advice about women. One of the most well known monologues in swingers is delivered by vince vaughn. Vince Vaughn advises Mike on how to pick-up a girl with a big bear and little bunny analogy. There is a rumour that vince vaughn actually gave this analogy to Jon Favreau once and Favreau liked it so he wrote it into swingers. While swingers did not make Hollywood dollars at the box office, it did give a lot of exposure to its cast, including vince vaughn. After swingers, vince vaughn got a reputation for playing a cool jerk. But more than that, swingers showed off the strength Vince Vaughn has in playing both comedy and drama. While not all vince vaughn fans have seen swingers, they have all seen old school. After years of making movies like a Jurassic Park sequel and the remake of Psycho, vince vaughn came back to major popularity with the smash-hit comedy old school. In old school, vince vaughn plays the lead character Mitch’s best friend. Actually the role vince vaughn plays in old school is similar to the one he played in swingers. Vince Vaughn in old school coaches Mitch on how to get over his ex-girlfriend and helps convince him to start a fraternity. In old school, the vince vaughn character is married with children but bored. The fraternity that the men begin in old school brings some excitement to the vince vaughn character’s life. Perhaps the most memorable line vince vaughn delivers in old school is “Earmuffs”, directed towards his kid when the adults want to say something inappropriate. The movie old school gave Vince Vaughn a huge fanbase that has only grown with every comedy starring vince vaughn. Along with Dodgeball, the next big vince vaughn movie was wedding crashers. In wedding crashers, vince vaughn starred alongside Owen Wilson as two men who crashed weddings to meet women. The wedding crashers was a big summer hit and increased the reputation of Vince Vaughn as playing a funny jerk with a one-track mind. In wedding crashers, vince vaughn plays the tougher of the two men. When Owen Wilson becomes really interested in a girl, vince vaughn warns him to get out because every relationship in wedding crashers is based on a lie. Things do not go smoothly for vince vaughn either, however. As wedding crashers goes on, we find out that Vince Vaughn has actually fallen for the crazy girl he picked up at the big wedding. This supporting relationship in wedding crashers gives vince vaughn a chance to do some physical comedy. While wedding crashers increased the popularity of Vince Vaughn, it also continued to stereotype vince vaughn in that certain comedic role. In 2006, vince vaughn and jennifer aniston made the breakup. Vince Vaughn and jennifer aniston fans probably expected something a lot different from the breakup than what the got. In the breakup, vince vaughn and jennifer aniston play a couple that has broken up but neither want to give up their great apartment. While the breakup was marketed as a vince vaughn and jennifer aniston romantic comedy, the film itself was much different. In the breakup, there is less comedy than drama and tragedy between jennifer aniston and Vince Vaughn. There is no happy reconciliation at the end of the breakup, moving the film away from a typical romantic comedy. Unfortunately, typical romantic comedies are usually what vince vaughn and jennifer aniston fans want to see. The breakup failed with both critics and audiences. During the release of the breakup, vince vaughn and jennifer aniston were dating. There was a weird love map created, as Vince Vaughn had co-starred next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. And Mrs. Smith. After co-starring with Brad Pitt, vince vaughn started dating Pitt’s ex-wife jennifer aniston, while Pitt also began dating his co-star. This dating circle led to a lot of uncommon tabloid gossip for Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn has always kept his private life private. Dating jennifer aniston around the release date of the breakup, however, pushed vince vaughn to the front of the magazines. The relationship between Vince Vaughn and jennifer aniston actually worked to draw in some audiences for the breakup but the breakup itself was not a successful film. Hopefully Vince Vaughn will soon return to humour aimed at college audiences, as old school and wedding crashers are the type of films he does best. On the horizon for vince vaughn is a wilderness drama and another comedy that pairs Vince Vaughn with Owen Wilson.