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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock became a big star in the 1990s with hits like Speed and While You Were Sleeping. While sandra bullock movies span a range of genres, romantic comedy hits like While You Were Sleeping and miss congeniality seem to be her niche. When sandra bullock began her career, she appeared in more risque movies. But even a complete sandra bullock gallery is unlikely to show too much of sandra bullock, as Sandra Bullock does not do nude scenes. Rather, a sandra bullock gallery will probably show movie stills and red carpet premieres for the various sandra bullock movies. Sandra Bullock managed to become a hit with men with films like Speed. With sandra bullock movies like miss congeniality, however, sandra bullock has proved to be a relatable romantic comedy heroine.
The sandra bullock movies like miss congeniality and Practical Magic have made Sandra Bullock a popular romance film star with female audiences. It was the two sandra bullock movies released in 1994 that really made Sandra Bullock a star. First, sandra bullock made Speed. In Speed, Sandra Bullock plays Annie, a woman unfortunate enough to be trapped on a bus rigged with explosives. Speed was the first of the sandra bullock movies in which Sandra Bullock starred opposite Keanu Reeves but it would not be the last. In Speed, sandra bullock played a tough yet also vulnerable woman who helps the bus passengers through their first adventure. But soon sandra bullock falls into the typical female action role where she is used as bait and needs to be rescued by Keanu Reeves. While sandra bullock movies sometimes take on female stereotypes, at least on the surface (think miss congeniality), Sandra Bullock in Speed falls right into the traditional damsel in distress role.
The second of the sandra bullock movies to make Sandra Bullock a mid-1990s star was While You Were Sleeping. In While You Were Sleeping, sandra bullock plays a young woman named Lucy who works for the New York transit system and is unlucky in love. Sandra Bullock falls for a man she sees commuting on the metro and, on Christmas day, sandra bullock saves the man’s life. When the man goes into a coma, sandra bullock goes to see him at the hospital and a miscommunication leads his family to think Sandra Bullock is the man’s fiancée. The family loves sandra bullock and soon she starts to fall in love with the man’s brother. Of all the sandra bullock movies, While You Were Sleeping is probably one of the only classic romantic comedies. The film certainly helped boost the reputation of sandra bullock and brought her new female audiences. Any sandra bullock gallery will probably feature the While You Were Sleeping poster in which Sandra Bullock throws herself into the arms of Bill Pullman. In the late 1990s, sandra bullock made a series of films, though most of these sandra bullock movies are fairly forgettable. Notable sandra bullock movies of this period may be A Time to Kill and Practical Magic. It was miss congeniality, released in 2000, which brought sandra bullock back as a major star. In miss congeniality, Sandra Bullock plays the type of character she does best: a romantic comedy heroine who is funny, unlucky in love, and rough around the edges. The premise of miss congeniality is a bomb threat to the Miss USA pageant. In miss congeniality, Sandra Bullock is an FBI agent who must go undercover as one of the pageant contestants. Obviously most of the humour in miss congeniality comes from sandra bullock trying to fit in as a beauty queen while struggling to retain some FBI authority. Beyond the plot of miss congeniality is a subtext that pleads for women not to be judged so harshly by their appearance. While sandra bullock may have had a makeover in miss congeniality, she still has the FBI skills underneath it all. And the villain in miss congeniality turns out to be the pageant director herself.
Sandra Bullock and miss congeniality were a huge hit with the fans, leading to a miss congeniality sequel in 2005. Other notable sandra bullock movies after miss congeniality include Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Murder By Numbers, and Crash. While sandra bullock is not known as the greatest actress, sandra bullock movies are a box office draw. Sandra Bullock has an appeal in both her looks and the rough charm she brings to sandra bullock movies. A sandra bullock gallery will probably feature many movie stills from the most popular sandra bullock movies.
Beyond the movie stills, a sandra bullock gallery will feature many of the Sandra Bullock red carpet looks. Sandra Bullock is not especially known for her style but a sandra bullock gallery will show that she does know how to dress the part for the red carpet. It is probably also possible to find a sandra bullock gallery that features more racy promotional photos of Sandra Bullock. As sandra bullock was twice named on People’s Most Beautiful People List, a sandra bullock gallery will also probably feature Sandra Bullock photos from those spreads. Beyond sandra bullock movies, Sandra Bullock is notable for her more private personal life. While sandra bullock has dated some high profile celebrities, including Matthew McConaughy and Ryan Gosling, Sandra Bullock has generally managed to stay out of the tabloids. These days sandra bullock lives in Orange County and in Georgia with her husband Jesse James. Sandra Bullock is also a notable businesswoman. Forbes has ranked Sandra Bullock as the fourteenth richest woman in entertainment. Mixing her production company with sandra bullock movies has proved to be lucrative for Sandra Bullock. This past year sandra bullock had a box office and critical flop with Premonition but Sandra Bullock will probably not fade away just yet. Though sandra bullock may start to shy away from the romantic comedies that made her name, the work Sandra Bullock continues to do in production will guarantee her a place in the entertainment industry for a long time yet.