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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been a popular actress in comedies since the mid-1990s with her breakthrough role in the mask with Jim Carey. With her goofy smile and tomboy personality, cameron diaz has charmed audiences, most often playing the love interest, like in theres something about mary, or the heroine we all cheer for, like in charlies angels. Cameron Diaz is certainly not one of the most private celebrities. The relationship between justin timberlake and cameron diaz was splashed all over the tabloids until the two broke up. If you look at a cameron diaz gallery, you will see many paparazzi pictures of cameron diaz and justin timberlake doing various everyday things. Cameron Diaz has a few signature moves that she pulls out in her various comedies. Probably the most notable is the cameron diaz bum dance. Any cameron diaz gallery will probably also have pictures of the Cameron Diaz behind, as this actress certainly is not shy with her body. Cameron Diaz has not slowed down yet and continues to draw in the box office with her romantic comedies.
The breakthrough role for cameron diaz came with the Jim Carey movie the mask in 1994. In the mask, Cameron Diaz made her jaw dropping entrance as she walks into the bank and shakes her rain drenched blonde hair. That entrance from the mask pretty much ensured that cameron diaz would be a star. In the mask, cameron diaz plays a gangster’s moll who falls in love with Jim Carey’s character, though she may not be trustworthy. The film the mask has many show stopping Cameron Diaz moments. Cameron Diaz sings a few songs in the nightclub in the mask in a tight sequined dress. The dance between Jim Carey’s mask character and the cameron diaz character who is attracted to the mask is one of the most memorable scenes of the film.
A cameron diaz gallery featuring film stills from the mask will probably show cameron diaz in these nightclub scenes with Jim Carey. The next major hit for cameron diaz was probably theres something about mary. In theres something about mary, Cameron Diaz plays Mary, the girl next door who everyone falls in love with. The many cameron diaz suitors in theres something about mary include Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon. In theres something about mary Cameron Diaz is at her best, playing the pretty, happy, and completely oblivious object of desire. The success of theres something about mary relied on the believability that everyone could fall in love with a girl like cameron diaz. After success with both the box office and the audiences, Cameron Diaz became a comedy star with theres something about mary. All of the future romantic comedy roles played by cameron diaz seem to be very like the one she played in theres something about mary. One of the biggest hits in the career of Cameron Diaz was charlies angels and, to a lesser extent, charlies angels: full throttle. Any cameron diaz gallery will have multiple pictures of cameron diaz as a charlies angel. Many a cameron diaz gallery is devoted strictly to Cameron Diaz stills and promotional photos from charlies angels. Cameron Diaz stars as one of the main charlies angels, along with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.
In charlies angels, the cameron diaz character balances her fighting skills with her love life, falling for Luke Wilson’s character. Again, probably the most famous charlies angels Cameron Diaz moment involves the booty dance in her underwear at the beginning of the film or maybe the dance Cameron Diaz does at the Soul Train filming. Any cameron diaz gallery will certainly offer you stills of these dances. While charlies angels was a huge success with box office and audiences, critically Cameron Diaz had less success with charlies angels: full throttle. In charlies angels: full throttle, cameron diaz and the other charlies angels take on the Demi Moore villain. Once again in charlies angels: full throttle Cameron Diaz does a booty dance. The big problem with charlies angels: full throttle was that none of the stunts were grounded in reality. In many ways charlies angels: full throttle made Cameron Diaz and the other charlies angels look like a joke.
Hopefully cameron diaz does not make any more charlies angels movies after charlies angels: full throttle but because the charlies angels franchise was economically successful, another charlies angels movie is likely. When cameron diaz and justin timberlake announced they were dating, the press jumped all over the relationship. Soon cameron diaz and justin timberlake became one of the most popular couples for the tabloids. Any cameron diaz gallery will show cameron diaz and justin timberlake together. After all the rumours of cameron diaz and justin timberlake breaking up and getting back together, Cameron Diaz and justin timberlake finally broke up for good in November. The Cameron Diaz and justin timberlake split is a relief for those of us who are not so interested in seeing pictures of Cameron Diaz and justin timberlake in a cameron diaz gallery. Since the split between cameron diaz and justin timberlake, Cameron Diaz has been notably absent from the tabloids. While cameron diaz comedies have become pretty predictable in the last five years, films like theres something about mary still show off that Cameron Diaz star quality. The best cameron diaz film, however, is probably the only one in which she did something different and a little risky.
In Being John Malkovich, Cameron Diaz looks nothing like that cute little blonde from the mask or charlies angels. Rather, cameron diaz looks unkept and frazzled with big frizzy hair and dirty clothes. A cameron diaz gallery will probably have pictures of this transformation. When Cameron Diaz sheds her glamorous self for Being John Malkovich she is actually able to give a heart-warming and memorable performance. Being John Malkovich is probably one of the only movies for which cameron diaz has received serious critical acclaim. That Cameron Diaz was so successful in Being John Malkovich shows she can do much better than films like charlies angels: full throttle.