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Will Ferrell

The last ten years have been hugely successful for ex- saturday night live cast member will ferrell. A line of will ferrell movies, at least one released every year since will ferrell stopped appearing on saturday night live, has brought will ferrell major audience attention from all age demographics. When will ferrell began on saturday night live, he was an immediate audience favourite, especially with his will ferrell snl original characters. Though the will ferrell snl relationship would last seven seasons, will ferrell is now mostly known as a movie star. With the will ferrell movies Elf and old school, will ferrell burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2003. Other will ferrell movies like anchorman and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby have secured will ferrell’s popularity with audiences. One of the will ferrell movies that surprised everyone by showing that will ferrell could act in dramatic roles as well was Stranger than Fiction. Stranger Than Fiction even earned will ferrell a Golden Globe nomination.
Now will ferrell has also struck fame on the Internet with his will ferrell video the landlord, featured on his video streaming site funny or die. The will ferrell snl relationship began in 1995. Steve Carell actually auditioned against will ferrell for a spot as a cast member on saturday night live but will ferrell won over the casting directors and Lorne Michaels. For will ferrell snl offered a lot of exposure and saturday night live was responsible for launching his career. Some of the most memorable will ferrell snl characters include the will ferrell impressions. Among these will ferrell snl impressions are will ferrell as Alex Trebek, George W. Bush, Janet Reno, Ted Kennedy and Lames Lipton. The most popular will ferrell snl impression has to be Alex Trebek, who hosts a Celebrity Jeopardy that parodies celebrities like Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery. Perhaps even more famous than the will ferrell snl impressions are the original characters will ferrell created for saturday night live. These will ferrell snl characters include a male Spartan cheerleader, Steve Butabi of the Night at the Roxbury sketches, and Gene Frenkle, a member of Blue Oyster Cult who strongly believes in the cowbell. Of all the will ferrell snl sketches, probably two of the most memorable are “More Cowbell” and “Get Off the Fence!”. You can find all the will ferrell saturday night live hits on the best of will ferrell snl DVD. While Elf made will ferrell a hit with kids and families, it was old school that made the popularity of will ferrell movies soar among college aged audiences. The movie old school was a surprise hit. In old school, will ferrell plays Frank the Tank, an ex frat boy known for his beer guzzling and streaking. The film old school was the first where we see the naked behind of will ferrell but it certainly would not be the last. After the streaking scene in old school, semi-nude scenes became standard in all will ferrell movies. Another famous will ferrell in old school moment is probably the touching rendition of “Dust in the Wind” that will ferrell sings at fellow frat member “Blue”.
The movie old school does deviate from some comedy standards, like the neatly happy ending, at least for the will ferrell character. At the beginning of old school, will ferrell is getting married but by the end of old school, will ferrell’s wife has left him and will ferrell is left in charge of the frat house. The next big hit of the will ferrell movies was anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy. In anchorman, will ferrell plays a 1970s anchorman, obsessed with his looks and his ego. The challenge in anchorman arrives when Christina Applegate enters the news team as a female journalist. The will ferrell character immediately wants her but must choose between his love and his beliefs in an anchorman, not an anchorwoman. When will ferrell is late for the broadcast one night, Christina Applegate takes his place as anchorman and is offered a job as co-anchor.
The rest of anchorman focuses on the competition between will ferrell and Christina Applegate, which ends in the will ferrell dog heroically rescuing the two heroes from bears. The movie anchorman is completely absurd, very silly, and perfectly suited to will ferrell fans. Perhaps some of the most notable anchorman lines include will ferrell singing “I love scotch” and “Hey everybody! Come see how good looking I am!”. While anchorman was not as huge a success as some other will ferrell movies, it was still very funny and the popularity of will ferrell continued to soar.
Most recently, will ferrell has been popular for his website funny or die. On funny or die, any user can upload a comedy video and other users rate whether or not it is funny. The website funny or die has become most popular for one will ferrell video, the landlord. This will ferrell landlord video became a bit of an Internet craze after it was released. The will ferrell video stars will ferrell and Adam McKay, as well as McKay’s two-year old daughter, Pearl. In will ferrell landlord, Pearl plays the landlord who is harassing will ferrell about the rent. The two-year-old girl who plays the will ferrell landlord yells and swears at will ferrell, making for a very funny will ferrell video. The will ferrell landlord video brought a lot of attention to the funny or die site.
Now you can even find will ferrell landlord with subtitles in many languages. If you are looking for another will ferrell video on funny or die, try “Good Cop, Baby Cop”. This will ferrell video again stars the little girl who played the will ferrell landlord, this time as a cop known as a loose cannon. The funny or die site only offers a couple will ferrell videos but will ferrell will often pick videos from other comedians as his favourites. This will ferrell video site has moved the popularity of will ferrell into another medium, which so far seems to be pretty successful.